. Or, maybe you’re interested in grilling up some delicious burgers, or it could be that chops, kebabs, or even roasted veggies are more your style. Whatever the case, you can’t deny the delicious results of outdoor grilling.

You also cannot deny the fact that it’s not always possible to grill outside. Temperature is a very important consideration with any indoor grill. You want a grill that will be able to reach a temperature high enough to cook your food safely (particularly meats), but you also want one that offers a decent range of temps so that you can control the cooking process to your tastes.

Most of the grills on our list top out around 450 degrees, but some fall a bit short of that, meaning that cooking some meats will take longer, and that you may not get the exterior appearance that you want. Searing at 500 degrees is needed to get that crust we all love so much on our steaks, but this feature isn’t available on all models. Also, remember that higher temperatures mean more pull on the electricity.

Our advice here is to purchase a model that gives you the most control over the widest range of temperatures so that you are always at the helm, and you can achieve the doneness and exterior appearance that you want for your meals. Control Types To be clear, not all models offer any sort of readout. The simplest indoor grills will provide control knobs and indicator lights, with few other frills.

That’s more than enough for some cooks. However, you might benefit from an illuminated readout that offers easy visibility for important information, such as the current cooking function selected, the amount of time remaining on the timer, and whether or not the upper and lower plates are ready. In Conclusion With a conventional gas grill, you can control flame height, and thereby the amount of heat.

With indoor grills, you control the amount of resistance in the heating element, thereby controlling the amount of heat. However, the way that you do that varies from model to model. Some offer easy-to-use knobs, while others offer buttons.

Our recommendation is to go with a model that you’ll always find easy to use, even if your hands are greasy, or you’re in a hurry. Buttons are great, but they’re not always the easiest to use. In addition, they do tend to wear out over time, whereas knobs will work for years without a problem


With a gas or charcoal grill, you know that the surface is ready for cooking by using an ambient air thermometer, or by judging the color of the coals underneath. With electric grills, you don’t have those abilities. Indicator lights are usually provided to give you access to this and other important information.

If you want something that’s light, portable, and easy to deal with at all times, plastic is the material for you. Yes, stainless steel is beautiful and incredibly durable. However, it can be very heavy, particularly if the grill is large.

Plastic, on the other hand, is thin enough that even larger grills are pretty lightweight, depending on the size and configuration of the cooking plates. Cooking Options Gas and charcoal grills are wonderful, but limited. Rain, cold weather, and even travel can all mean that you’re stuck eating something you’d rather not.

Never again – indoor grills let you take your grilling capabilities into the home, and even on the road! Not sure what to look for when buying an indoor grill, though? No worries; we can help. We’ll walk you through some of the most important features, capabilities, and other considerations to make sure that you’re buying the right grill for you. Form Factor “Cooking options” refers to the number of ways you can use an indoor grill.

For instance, a flat grill with only a grilling plate can be used pretty much for just one thing – conventional grilling. However, a grill with a reversible plate that offers a flat griddle surface and a grilling surface can allow you to cook a number of different things, including bacon and eggs, pancakes, and even paninis (hot sandwiches). Folding grills with dual reversible plates generally offer the most cooking options, with the largest Cuisinart Griddler being the most versatile on our list.

Our recommendation is to know what you’re most likely to use the grill for, and then buy with that in mind, always comparing price. For instance, there’s little point in buying a grill that allows you to cook waffles if you’re never going to use that feature and it comes at a higher price point than another comparable model. Temperature Range How much control do you really want over the cooking process? Determine this, and then look at grill models that fall into that area.

Again, some of the models we’ve reviewed give you more control than you do over your stovetop, but others largely automate the cooking process, with very little control for the cook. Indicator Lights As you can see from the models included in our list of the best indoor grills, there are several different form factors, or shapes, available with indoor grills. The most common is a folding design, with two cooking plates, one on top and another on bottom.

Less common are folding designs that open fully flat, allowing you to double your cooking area. The Cuisinart Griddler series is a good example of this form factor, but there are others out there, such as the lone Breville model we included in our indoor grill review. There are also flat grills that more closely resemble a traditional griddle or outdoor grill.

The term “construction material” really applies to the body of the grill itself, since all plates are made from metal with various coatings (ceramic, anodized aluminum, etc. Our list includes grills with two different types of construction material – stainless steel and plastic.

If you want something that will stand the test of time, be able to survive hard knocks, and look great, then stainless steel is the best choice. However, there are other indicators lights that you might want. For instance, while an on/off light will tell you that the grill is operating, a light that changes from orange to green when the grilling surface reaches the desired temperature will help ensure better safety while cooking raw meat, but also help you achieve the tastiest results possible.

There you have them – some of the best performing indoor grills on the market. Whether you want to cook a couple of burgers every now and then, or you want a dedicated grill/griddle that you can take with you to major functions, there’s something for just about every need, taste and budget. Of course, if you’ve never purchased an indoor grill before, you might need a bit more guidance when choosing the perfect option for you.

Our buyer’s guide below will walk you through some of the most important features and capabilities to look for. Finding the Best Indoor Grill for You: A Buyer’s Guide At the bare minimum, you’ll want a grill with an on/off indicator light. If it’s lit up, then the grill is on.

If it’s dark, then the grill is off. If you are buying a folding grill with the ability to turn one plate on and the other off, you’ll want dual power indicator lights. When it’s all said and done, indoor grilling can be just as enjoyable (and tasty) as traditionally outdoor cooking.

It just requires the right tools

. Use our indoor grill reviews and comparisons, and our buyer’s guide to help you narrow down your options to the best grill for you and your cooking goals. The amount of cooking surface is a very important consideration.

Most of the models we included did not list their cooking surface, so we estimated them for you, but some companies, including Cuisinart, did list their surface area. Simply put, the more cooking surface area you have, the more food you can cook at one time. Of course, the larger the cooking surface, the longer you’ll need to wait for the grill to hit peak temperature, and the more energy it will pull in maintaining temperature.

The best option here is to buy a grill that offers enough cooking surface for your usual needs, rather than shooting for a larger grill than you’ll need on a regular basis. Construction Material For models with dual cooking plates, you’ll want a preheat/ready light for each plate as they do not heat at exactly the same rate. Other lights that you might benefit from having include on/off lights with the sear function, as well as plate selector lights to tell you which plates are currently operating.

Readout There are only a few things to know here. One, you cut your cooking time in half with a closing grill that features an upper and lower heated plate, as your meat cooks from both the top and bottom. Most folding grills also offer additional cooking capabilities, such as paninis, or waffles.

However, there is a better chance of overcooking your food, leading to dry meats. There is the fact that some folding grills allow you to turn off either the top or bottom plate to reduce the amount of energy used during operation. Cooking Surface Area Of course, you also need to consider other things when it comes to the controls available on your grill.

Do you want to be able to control the temperature in a granular way, or do you just want a general idea of how hot the grill is? Do you want to be able to dial in the perfect cooking temperature for your chops, or would you rather use a preset button?.