. Philips HR2371 Compact Pasta Maker It would be unfair to leave out the Gourmia GPM100 in our list of the best pasta machines as it comes with wonderful quality and unmatched performance. Boasting of high power motor, this machine will help you mix, knead, and shape the dough in less than five minutes.

Besides, the smart engineering and advanced features ensure smooth processing coupled with discrete functionality. PROS Offers you with high level of efficiency Commercial grade providing you with a long lasting service Premium grade quality A bit limited pasta options but overall great for home use Fully automatic

  • 6. Philips HR2371 Compact Pasta Maker A bit more costly but its performance proves that it is worth every penny 9.

    Shule Electric Pasta Maker Machine

  • 9. Shule Electric Pasta Maker Machine Additional attachments for versatility Eight custom grade pasta disks
  • 10. STX INTERNATIONAL Electric Pasta Maker You shouldn’t be harsh on yourself after preparing a hearty meal of pasta and find that none of your family eats more just a couple of spoons.

    If you are fond of cooking pasta, you should also know that variation in shape makes the food appealing. With this pasta make, you do not have to use the boxed variety. Besides helping you to make a variety of pasta, this unit will cut by half the preparation time.

    PROS Adjustable, promoting versatility Selecting any of the mentioned Best electric pasta makers will help you prepare fresh pasta at the comfort of your home. These models are simple to use and process the dough incredibly fast. You shouldn’t forget to use the buyer’s guide at the beginning of the article as it helps you in narrowing down your choice and picking the most appropriate choice.

    More Info / Buy on Amazon Compact and modern design KitchenAid KSMPEXTA Gourmet Pasta is a great addition to any home or restaurant kitchen making it a perfect choice for serious connoisseurs. This unit is designed to help you produce professional quality pasta in a blink of an eye. Thanks to its sturdy, strong, and ergonomic design, this unit offers you with excellent service for many years to come.

    PROS High power motor capability Aesthetically appealing design Extremely comfortable to use High-end construction A healthy diet contributes to our daily being significantly. This pasta machine is engineered to help you to prepare ingredients of your choice. It comes with a chrome plated steel body while the cutters and rollers are made of anodized aluminum


    Another reason why you should consider purchasing this unit is the 9-position dial that allows you regulate the thickness of the pasta PROS 2. Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine Simple and extremely convenient to use Helps prepare fresh pasta in minutes 5. KitchenAid KSMPEXTA Gourmet Pasta Heavy-duty construction Higher price tag but guarantees you with performance and reliability you can depend on

  • Related Posts It is similar to the other Italian cookware, its whole body covered by stainless steel, rollers and the cutters are made of anodized aluminum.

    It provided 7 or 9 posiion and motor 110 V with 2 speeds to operated machine automatically. It included attachments to make the pasta with width 1. You can wipe clean with a dry brush or cloth. PROS Removable mixing bowl Easy to adjust to get the pasta thickness you want

  • 4.

    Gourmia GPM100 Electric PastaMazing Pasta Maker CONS Easily Adjustable More Information 8. CucinaPro Electric Pasta Maker The cookbook contains few recipes, but this is a bonus, you should not complain a lot 10. STX INTERNATIONAL Electric Pasta Maker Easy cleaning 7.

    CHEFTRONIC 3 in 1 Upgraded Stand Mixer Comes with a recipe book as a bonus Smart drawer design Detailed recipe book Might be too big for a small home but also does a great job when preparing small quantities Making Fresh and flavorful pasta has never been easier. You can now take full advantage of this powerful and fully automatic pasta machine that allows you to mix, knead, and extrude the dough. This minimizes the time and effort you need to prepare a mouth-watering dish for your family.

    By allowing you to add different ingredients such as eggs, herbs, or carrot juice it is incredibly easy to make various types of pasta. PROS Buy on Amazon This fully automatic pasta maker lets you prepare pasta and noodles from scratch faster and conveniently. We love the compact size that makes it a perfect choice for any kitchen including those with a smaller counter.

    This machine is designed to knead and shape pasta automatically into three classic pasta including fettuccine, spaghetti and penne. You are also provided with a colorful recipe book where you can get your inspiration. PROS Cuts the food preparation time by half Allows you to use a hand crank to create noodles 1.

    Philips Avance Pasta Maker Comes with mix, knead as well as extrusion technology Our busy schedules call for a multipurpose machine that can do various tasks at the same times. With this pasta machine, you do not have any excuse for not preparing delicious food for your family. This machine cuts the food preparation time by half thanks to its multipurpose use.

    It whips eggs, mashes the potatoes and mixes as wells knead the dough with ease. Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker Powerful motor and stainless steel cutting blade A bit noisy but this is a small inconvenience to bear when considering its performance If you are committed to doing much of the work yourself while trying to utilize the trial and error method, you will find the STX INTERNATIONAL Electric Pasta Maker a pleasure to use.

    This pasta maker comes with a one-touch fully automatic design including nine pasta variety disks that allow you to prepare pasta faster and efficiently. We also love the durable design that ensures many years of quality service.

    Philips Avance Pasta Maker Rolls decently although sometimes it fails to finish the cut although this is rare Professional grade pasta Power efficient Save you a lot of time and energy Very easy to use, saving you tome Sturdy and stylish design Allows you to produce a variety of pasta This is a handy all in one pasta machine that you will find very useful in homes and small pastry business. It features a non-stick surface that ensures safe and clean pasta. Instead of wasting, a lot of time doing the pasta manually this machine will help you stretch the dough from thick to thin in less than a few minutes. CucinaPro Electric Pasta Maker

  • 5. KitchenAid KSMPEXTA Gourmet Pasta The outer feels a bit flimsy, but it has stood test of time and proved to be a durable model
  • 2.

    Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine The high shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the advanced tools and unmatched convenience Extremely easy to clean Comes with various attachment for easy use

  • 7. CHEFTRONIC 3 in 1 Upgraded Stand Mixer Unique stirring bar design Powerful motor makes pasta faster 4. Gourmia GPM100 Electric PastaMazing Pasta Maker Stylishly and elegantly constructed 3.

    Gourmia GPM500 Complete Craft Electric Pasta Maker Budget-friendly A bit heavier to carry but its performance and function are interested to use Non-stick coating