. 6 L capacity water tank to its bottom.

  • Ideal only for vertical steaming.

    Tilting may result in leakage of water as there is no anti drip available for this model. Depending on the cost and price of the steamer, these accessories and replacements vary. You can look for the one with a lot of accessories but the performance may lack.

    First priority has to be given to the performance of the steamer.


  • The product comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty for any damages.
  • Simple to use and understand by anyone. With an incredible design, optimal performance, powerful jet steam and steel steam base, the WisTec Techne Direct Handheld Garment Steamer is our top pick for the list of garment steamers.

    Be sure to check out the buying guide to compare, scrutinize and select any steamer.

  • Now steam the clothes vertically by bringing in the nozzles closer to the cloths. Do not press the steamer to the clothes.

    You may expect better efficiency but it is counterproductive.

  • After the tank is empty. Fill it with distilled water yet again, boil it, repeat the same.

    Choose good and pick something that not only heats up fast but also performs prim. This means it should be spraying not too much steam and not too little. Just enough to warm up your clothes and dust to remove the wrinkles

    . Continuous Steam and Steam Settings:
  • 40 seconds to heat up and then 10-15 minutes of continuous steam and removes wrinkles in just 3 or 4 minutes. No more waiting for steaming or refilling the water again and again.

    What makes Philips Garment Steamer GC 523/60 a best pick:

  • The ergonomic handle design has an incredible holding feel which gives you a sassy and uptown feel while wringing out any wrinkles off your garments. WisTec Techne Direct Handheld Garment Steamer
  • The water indicator has a max out line which tells us when to stop filling the water. Most of the modern hand held steamers come with extra accessories such as Lint Remover, Fabric Brush, Crease Clip.

    These add to the additional comfort of steaming better. Apart from accessories, most steamers also come with minor replacement parts. As not all steamers offer these, we could look at these as optional.

  • A lint brush accessory that comes with this is detachable and is really helpful in removal of lint on the clothes whilst steaming of the clothes.
  • Continuous Steam and Steam Settings Buy Now From Amazon 6. Sokany 1200W Handheld Garment Steamer
  • 1200 Watts powerful steamer for a gush of steam to remove wrinkles and surface germs in an instant.

  • The 1000 watt steaming power ensures a strong gust of steam enough to kill any surface dwelling germs.

    Garment steamers which can act both horizontal AND vertical are effective to remove most and all of the dirt on clothes. But for a really thorough cleaning, it is advised for you to go for a dry cleaning.

    Do garment steamers remove odors?

  • Point to a bucket or the kitchen sink and sheet out all of the hot liquid in the reservoir.
  • Ideal for all kinds and types of fabrics and materials
  • It’s fast heating setup prepares it for immediate steaming in just about a minute. Philips Garment Steamer GC 523/60 Buy Now From Amazon 5. PETRICE Handheld Facial Steamer
  • Quality of plastic used can be improved
  • Claims to have powerful jets of steam to clear out germs on garments
  • The steam switch option enables for you to control the continuous steam.

    Press and hold for small streams or switch it for continuous steam( useful for bigger and lengthy clothes) A garment steamer is a simple instrument which almost anyone can use. If you are looking for a steamer that does more than just steam your clothes, then Petrice handheld steamer is the pick for you. Unique Features: The working of a garment steamer is simple.

  • Clear out the steamer of any water present in it.
  • Transfer of water INTO the steamer is as simple as removing a bottle cap to pour in water.
  • When the power button is pressed, the stored steam will be released outwards onto the garment placed in front of it.

  • It’s vertical style is helpful in clearing out wrinkles from lengthy clothes such as bedsheets and other long form linens. Almost similar to the Wistec handheld steamer in terms of design, the Sokany handheld garment steamer is incredibly powerful and can deliver strong burst of steam in just 15 seconds of heating up. Unique Features: First off, the length of the pole should be considerably big to reach the farthest corners of your drapes.

    Hand held steamers don’t have hoses. They are simple and can easily reach the insides of large robes etc. ,

  • Cannot be tilted for horizontal steaming.

    Will result in leakage of water.

  • As mentioned, not many steamers offer both facial and cloth steaming.
  • The product comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty which is helpful in cases of malfunctioning of the product.

    Generally, garment steamers are of 3 types. Floor Model Heavy Duty Look for steamers with tiny steam holes for jet like steaming. Large steam holes have broad steaming and are good for steaming of garments such as bed sheets or drapes. Removable Tank:

  • Can even steam polyester clothings
  • 1000 watt powerful core makes it a best gadget to clear our wrinkles on clothes faster than most of the listings in this article.

    Garment steamers are instrumental in removal of germs and bacteria that form up on your clothes on the outside. For a deep and real cleaning, always go for a wash or dry wash (depending on the garment in question).

    Can a garment steamer replace dry cleaning?

  • Flat bottom makes it easier to sit on any flat surface and thus easily storable. Excessive steaming of clothes can have a negative impact for sure. Too much moisture might cause the garment to lose its natural colour and lustre.

    Apply caution and use the steamer only when necessary. Can I use a garment steamer for wool, silk or linens? Inalsa Handy Steam Garment Steamer But if you are a company/business that requires steaming of garments frequently, a heavy duty floor modeled steamer is a great choice.

    These are high powered and are for bigger sized garments and clothes. Water Reservoir Capacity:

  • There is a removable brush that comes with the steamer which can be used to remove the lint and wrinkle disturbance.

  • The power socket could be a little bigger to sit comfortably inside Indian Power Sockets.
  • 2 Years manufacturer’s warranty for any kind of damage PETRICE Handheld Facial Steamer What do you think of our list? Do you have any question pertaining to garments or garment steamers? Be sure to write to us in the comment section below. Our team of research experts will be sure to write back to you as soon as possible

  • Steamer Accessory Tools
  • Floor Models (Home based) Ans: Most of the steamers of today are compatible with all of the garments. But there are a few steamers which may not work for all kinds of materials. Be sure to look at the stub on the inside of garments as they have a lot of micro instructions printed on them about steaming, ironing and dry cleaning of the cloths.

    Conclusion: Buy Now

  • Adjustable pole length makes it easier for decreasing and increasing the height to accommodate the size of the garment. A self explanatory point, removable water reservoirs make it easy for cleaning and storage. Un removable tanks may cause certain discomforts while cleaning.

    Furthermore, while cleaning, removable tanks make it simpler to remove any residual mineral based compounds formed on its walls. For best results, use distilled water always.

    Accessories, Attachments and Replacement Parts:

  • Body of the steamer is made out of good quality plastic and is durable in nature. Buy Now From Amazon Buying Guide: How to pick the perfect garment steamer If you are a small or medium sized family who have the occasional use of a steamer, I’d suggest you to go for the handheld compact sized steamers. Often touted as travel steamers, our research and user experience team argues that it works more than fine for household usages. These can be operated with a single hand and require little room for their storage. Hence they are ideal and if not, more than great for families.

  • Sleek and light in weight body makes the Handy garment steamer literally handy and transportable.
  • Never overfill or UNDERFILL your water containers as spills are bad to the circuitry. Imagine you keep steaming and the water level has reached zero.

    You have not noticed it and it may lead to the burnage of the internal circuitry of the machine. Most of the modern steamers do not have this problem and have automatic shut off switches to prevent anything as such

  • After usage, remove any excess water, dry the reservoir by wiping with a cloth before keeping it away for storage.

    Another portable steamer, this one’s From the house of Inalsa, a reputed Spanish-Indian since the 1967. The Inalsa Handy Garment Steamer which has an operating wattage of 600 watts. Unique Features:

  • Steam as powerful as a low powered ironing station.

    No need for a ironing station no more.

  • You pour in water into the reservoir and then hit the steam button.
  • Can steam and iron almost all types of clothes (Silk, Cotton, Wool, Linen)
  • As is the case with most economic product, there is the problem of plastic quality used.

  • The steam, when brought near the fabric, relaxes the fabric and vanishes wrinkles.
  • Performance/ Heating time
  • Add some distilled water and some vinegar into the reservoir.
  • Facial steamer acts as a deep skin facial moisturizer, whitens the skin and gives natural glow.

    Today, picking any electronic item may seem easy but is actually a task. You think you have figured out the right item but you sometimes miss out on many important aspects. Before we get to the guide on how to pick a garment steamer, let us first understand how exactly a garment steamer works Working of a garment steamer:

  • The internal thermostat shall fire up the heating element and which will boil the water inside the container. Egab ABS Plastic Handheld 800-Watt Garment and Facial Steamer
  • Indicators for water levels and seperate power.
  • Minimalistic and compact design which adds to your wardrobe decor.

    Philips has been a market leader in consumer electronics ever since its inception in 1891. The Garment Steamer GC 523/60 upholds those quality standards. Unique Features:

  • 260 ml tank enough to steam 2 garments for 10 or even 15 minutes time.

  • Steaming up of water takes about 60 seconds and can spur out 15 grams per minute steam
    . That is just enough to steam iron a shirt or most of hanging garments.
  • Apart from clothes and facial steaming, the Ega ABS can be used to steam soft toys, car seats and much more
  • For any manufacturer’s defect, we have 1 year of manufacturer’s warranty. Are clothes steamers better than irons? Philips Garment Steamer GC 523/60
  • Sufficient 260ml capacity detachable water tank for even bigger garments. Detachability enables easier cleaning and storage.

  • Comes with a wrinkle and dust brush attached which makes it easier to steam clothes vertically. WisTec Techne Direct Handheld Garment Steamer Handheld Portable
  • Auto shut off option available to shut down and prevent dry boil in cases of empty tank.

  • Fabric sustainability.
  • An inbuilt thermostat dictates the temperature inside a garment steamer. For a detailed guide on how to pick a perfect garment steamer, you can click here to go down and read the same Top 7 Garment Steamers in India for 2019 Best Garment Steamers
  • Compact and Portable (handheld and usually Travel based)
  • A brush that comes with the product aids in removal of any lint on the garment along with the creases.

    1 year

  • 5 different steam settings ideal for different cloth types. Steamers are faster and quicker alternative to cloth press irons. But a garment steamer is only good enough to remove outwards dust and wrinkles of any expensive dress or such.

    For deeper wrinkles and cloth straightening, it is always better to go for a good old fashioned ironing. Do garment steamers clean clothes?

  • Can only accomodate 200 ml of water at a time.

  • For better results, always use distilled water. They tend not to form up mineral residues on the inner walls of the water reservoir and the steamer as a whole. Another important factor, we are not just talking about the size and height of the pole but also the depth this can go

    Performance of a garment steamer refers to its start up time and usage speed. Ideal steamers take about 1 or mostly 2 minutes time to heat up.

    Inalsa Handy Steam Garment Steamer

  • Retro styled garment steamer this is specifically built for expensive clothes , shirts and long linens which need crease removal.
  • Do not push the steam before the water is boiled entirely. This will result in spraying of water which may end up leaving a mark.

  • No automatic shut off option
  • Cannot steam horizontal clothes.
  • A floor model non portable unit of traditional garment steamer.
  • The automatic shut off prevents any dry boil when the water reservoir is empty.

    Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer

  • High grade thermostat enables auto shut off feature helpful for cases of empty tank or overheating issues. Water levels can be observed from the transparent tank.
  • 1600 Watts of power used and is a great heavy duty steamer for large clothes and volumes.

    Is your steamer continuous? Can it hold on for a while longer till you finish steaming your garment? Continuous steam refers to single switch to continuously steam for a while. You don’t need to press and hold the steam button for the steamer to keep steaming.

  • Simple to use for anyone and everyone.

    How to clean a Garment Steamer: A great garment steamer is simple to use, it does not need special and dedicated areas, docking stations etc. Just charge it for a while, fill in some water and it is ready to use.

  • Keep your arm and skin away while steaming.

    Steam jets are powerful and they may harm more than you can imagine.

  • Keep and prep a normal towel in hand before steaming
    . Steam the towel once before going for the actual garment.

    Ironing clothes is a lengthy process as it requires a good room space, ironing board, plug points, effort and skill etc. , A garment steamer is small,compact and needs little energy to get the job done.

  • Usha techne direct garment steamer comes with a 2 years manufacturer warranty period.

  • This model of Philips comes with a longer double pipe setup for holding lengthier clothes.
  • Its 3 switch button enables it to switch from ironing steam to facial steam
  • Water capacity
  • Measuring cup for water measurement before refill. Makes it easier to fill up the tank and not spill water.

  • A simple to use product, the WisTec Techne Direct can work for almost 2 garments for a single tank of water. What makes Sokany 1200W Handheld Garment Steamer a best pick: Things of Concern and Improvement:
  • Let the steamer get heated up. In the meanwhile, prepare your garments by lining them up linearly. 8 metre long cord which is enough to reach deep places of shirts and other dresses.
  • Non portable and the power chord length could be improved.

    Handheld Portable and Facial This can be understood in the steam settings. Here you can adjust the steamer to settings depending on the type of cloth to be steamed. Cotton requires low steam where as silk and other garments may require higher steam.

    Check the user manuals for more. Fabric Sustainability: Another 2 in one steamer, the Egab ABS plastic Handheld steamer is much like the Petrice facial steamer as this one can be used for facial steaming too.

    Unique Features:

  • Short water tank. As talked in the previous section, the sustainability of the fabric is an important factor.

    Is your silk/ woolen garment designed and made for steaming? A few cloth types are not made for steaming as they are sensitive to heating elements. Identify whether you can or cannot steam your garment. What makes Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer a best pick: No.

    Ideally, for optimal performance, always use distilled or filtered drinkable water into the steamer’s reservoir. Tap water has a lot of impurities stored up in them which could stick to the walls of the tank when heated. This will result in the damage of both, the device and the cloths. Can steam ruin clothes? You’re getting late for your day but you need to be presentable in a wrinkle free shirt, pant/skirt. Or it is just that you have an expensive dress that you do not want to ruin by ironing.

    A garment steamer removes outer wrinkles and gives instant new feel to your clothes in just minutes.

  • Light in weight and easily movable from a place to another.
  • Needs just about 700-800 ml of water to start off with.

    What makes Inalsa Handy Garment Steamer the best: Usha has been a household brand for all classes of the Indian society since 1934. The techne direct garment steamer with a 1000 watt steaming power, makes it to the fourth position of our list due to its portability and ease of use by anyone and everyone. Unique Features: The settings on your steamer will help you identify the sustainability of the fabric to individual steaming temperatures. Reach:

  • Steam Temperature
  • Removes wrinkles and other dust based bacterium in a jiffy.

    Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer Egab ABS Plastic Handheld 800-Watt Garment and Facial Steamer

  • The product does not mention any kind of manufacturer’s warranty What makes WisTec Techne Direct the best:
  • Most economic steamer of all the available in the list.
  • Its 32 grams/ minute steam is a proof of how high powered it can be for tough wrinkles for expensive clothes. What makes Egab ABS Plastic Handheld garment steamer a best pick:
  • Could improve its water leakage issues in certain pieces.

    Garment steamers can effectively remove most odours from clothes. Any chemical smells which are water soluble can also be removed through steaming of these cloths. For better result, work twice on a single garment with 2 or 3 minute delays. Can I use tap water in my steamer? This one is simple. More water capacity, longer you can steam your clothes.

    As most of these steamers have a small startup time (almost around a minute), it is easier to have a bigger water reservoir. But do not end up buying something humongous which will end uo burdening your arm.

  • Now the steamer is clean and good as new.

    Before picking a garment steamer, be sure to check out the following things,

  • Ideal for people who wish to own a multipurpose steamer within budget. Check the Price We have spent about 72 hours of research on the above mentioned factors along with user reviews, ratings and price ranges to bring you the following list.
  • The small and portable nature of this makes it an ideal accessory for working singles who need prim clothes on a daily basis.

  • Preheat the steamer after filling in water. Do not fill to the brim but somewhere above the 3/4th volume.
  • No warranty from neither the manufacturer nor the seller.

  • Similarly, do not steam when the water reservoir is empty, it will end up hurting the internal circuitry and thereby damage the product. 500 ml or lesser is enough to start with.

    Performance/Heat time: The following guide will help you look and compare the best and right factors required for a perfect garment steamer. Type of the steamer:

  • Additionally, it comes with a removable cleaning brush which can be used to brush off the wrinkles when steamed.

    Be sure to look for such safety features in the steamers that you buy. How to use a Garment Steamer and Precautionary Measures:

  • Comes with additional accessories such as a cloth hanger and even a heat protection glove.
  • Steel front makes it a direct alternative to ironing and thus can be used for both horizontal and vertical steaming.

    Sokany 1200W Handheld Garment Steamer

  • Remove the steam element and close the lid and let the water get boiled with the vinegar. First up on the list is the incredibly powerful 1000 watt WiTec Technee Direct Handheld Garment Steamer. Its powerful steam jet and heating elements make it a top of the list worth product.

    Unique Features:

  • Can be used for facial steaming too. Not just for removing wrinkles on clothes What makes PETRICE Handheld Facial Steamer a best pick:
  • Vertical Styleboard support for easier clearing up of creases.
  • Inalsa Handy steamer also has a boil dry protection circuit.

    This helps in automatically shutting down of the system when overheated or when the water tank is empty. Garment steamers cannot be directly cleaned by pouring in soap and water. For best results, follow the below mentioned steps carefully.

  • Handle is not ergonomic enough to hold for long periods of time. While a and c are not much used in practice in India, you may find professional dry cleaners and cloth press shops use the Floor Models.
  • Works on all different kinds of fabrics.