. There are also two different combs (5mm and 8mm) you can attach to make sure the hair in specific areas is all trimmed to the exact same length. The shaver has a “ precision head” which gives you the ability to delicately shave or style the hair in your private areas; there are also ten included templates for nearly every shape or design you might want to sculpt – your imagination (or that of your partner) is the only limit to what you can do with the Braun styler.

A beautifully designed trimmer, with an ultra-fine trimming head, for those hard to reach areas. A fun selection of styling templates is included. Check Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Price On Amazon The single biggest complaint made about female bikini trimmers is that they are not as reliable as the equivalent male grooming products.

Groom+Style thinks there is probably a hint of truth in this – although members of our team have been happily using the Panasonic ES2216PC and Braun FG1100 for years. This might be more related to the fact that the product manufacturers think that men, interestingly enough, are willing to invest more in electronic grooming products (maybe due to men being used to spending substantial amounts for their electric face shavers). Our top pick under the men’s body groomer category – that works just as effectively for women.

Sure, every girl has her favorite type of razor, the one that’s the old standby for shaving legs and underarms. But after you’ve tried to use a regular razor once or twice to trim “ down there,” it becomes obvious that an all-purpose shaver simply can’t take care of those tight, delicate areas that need to be kept clean for a perfect bikini line. That is unless you’re willing to endure ingrown hairs, razor bumps, irritation, and nicks.

This is a feminine-looking, precision tool specifically for styling the bikini line. The device can also be completely submerged, so if you feel like shaving your legs in the bath, you absolutely can. While this is a much wider razor than other bikini trimmers, it has a few key features that puts it leagues above the rest; it comes with four floating blades/foils, which means pivoting into the delicate curves of the bikini line will be no problem.

Check Remington WDF5030 Wet & Dry Women’s Rechargeable Electric Foil Shaver Price on Amazon

  • Attachments: Bikini comb, head guard
  • Power: AAA battery included The Schick Quattro is perfect for the person who just wants a tool for the bikini area and does not expect it to be used anywhere else on the body. Specifications of the Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver for Ladies ES2216PC:
  • Warranty: Two years, limited It really is a one-stop shop for hair removal. This single, lightweight (about a third-of-a-pound) razor and trimmer will take care of everything, even difficult areas like behind the knees, because of its pivoting blades.

    And yes, the shaver is a wet/dry model and completely submergible, another nice touch. Because of the wider head, you can also use this model to take care of your underarms, legs or other areas which might need shaving; that way, you won’t need two separate razors on hand whenever you hit the shower for your regular clean-up routine – a real benefit if you do a lot of traveling.

    Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver for Ladies ES2216PC Panasonic Close Curves Electric Shaver. Click the photo to see the Price on Amazon. Facts and figures for the Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver: Braun is largely considered a behemoth in the shaving market.

    It is one of the most popular electric razor brands in the market, and now Braun has moved into the bikini market as well. Their Silk-Epil offering does everything it promises to do, and it comes with a ton of customizing attachments that will get the job done.

    5 x 7 inches The razor is also hypo-allergenic, meaning you’ll deal with fewer reactions, and, finally, it comes complete with a bikini trimmer that will help you trim down those delicate spots, where a close shave would otherwise end in razor bumps. Agile and Flexible A very effective, reliable, waterproof, and reasonably priced electric shaver and trimmer – suitable for the bikini area, legs and underarms. The FG1100 can also be used for close detail work on other parts of your body; the high-precision head is particularly well-suited for styling your eyebrows.

    The Silk-épil is powered by a single AAA battery, so you will have to keep a supply on hand. The Groom+Style review team can’t find a single argument against this unit as a small, effective way to keep the bikini area styled and neat. The game-changer is the epilator attachment which allows you to remove hairs from their roots, giving you weeks before you have to worry about them again.

    The adjustable head is a nice touch that many other razors do not have. The ability to position the head of the razor for your unique body makes the entire shaving process hassle-free, and that is something worth getting excited over.

    Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 Complete Bikini Styling Kit

  • Run Time: 40 minutes Taking a closer look at the Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer: Despite its higher price and long charging time the epilating function that’s included with this trimmer is an extremely welcome feature and may make the Philips the right tool for you. Bikini Shaper and Trimmer From Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaper and Trimmer From Panasonic ES246AC.

    Click the photo to see the Price on Amazon. Specifications of the Remington WDF5030 Wet & Dry Women’s Rechargeable Electric Foil Shaver: If you are looking for a slightly closer shave, you can also remove the trimmer head, and you’ll get a smoother feel, but there will still be a bit of stubble

    . This razor is really designed to trim the bikini region for a neat, well-groomed look.

    A completely hairless line should not be expected.

  • Attachments: Epilator (with 3 epilating caps), shaver (with trimmer guard), and styler Check Philips HP6378 Bikini Trimmer price on Amazon The Panasonic Wet/Dry shaver makes it to the top of the list because of its versatility, and its rechargeable nature. A small, discrete charger means you’ll always be ready to shave, wherever or whenever you need to.

  • Power: Two AA batteries not included Check Philips Bikini Genie BRT383 price on Amazon – AA battery powered trimmer The bottom of the Quattro for Women is a bikini trimmer which is powered by an AAA battery and flips open for easy use. There are adjustments you can make on the trimmer’s comb to choose from three different lengths for your hair, and you also have the choice to remove the comb completely to trim as close to the skin as possible (and then finish with the razor if desired). The Groom+Style review team was intrigued by this four-blade shaver because of its unusual open-blade system.

    Combined with an angled head that stays flush to the skin however you hold the razor, the open blades deliver a very close, satisfying shave. Check Braun Silk-Epil 7 Price on Amazon Bikini razors and trimmers aren’t very expensive, and you’ll be thankful for having invested in one of them every time you head to the beach or look in the mirror. Here’s our look at the top 7 best bikini razors & trimmers on the market for Jul.

    5 inches There are no extras with the Cleancut, and it’s not waterproof so you can’t use it in the shower. Looking at the Braun Silk-épil 7 Bikini Hair Electric Shaver, Epilator, Styler and Trimmer: The top of this Schick product is a four-blade razor with a fairly-wide pivoting head. Like the other razors on our list, the pivoting action is designed to follow the curves of a woman’s body faithfully to get into difficult-to-reach areas while minimizing nicks and shaving bumps, and the Quattro does it well – not perfectly, but well.

    Please see below for details on which replacement blades to buy. The Schick Quattro For Women Trimstyle Razor and Bikini Trimmer is a simple device that will help you keep your bikini area perfectly smooth without any of the unwanted after effects, and it does it all in style. Check Panasonic ES 2207P Price on Amazon (3 foils and no floating head) 4.

    Braun Silk-épil FG1100 Bikini Hair Electric Shaver, Styler and Trimmer Braun Silk-épil Bikini Hair Electric Shaver

    . Click the photo to see the Price on Amazon. The PS335 does leave some stubble which Cleancut recommends cleaning up with one of their other shavers, the ES412 or ES1080.

    That’s because there are no other attachments or options with this unit; it depends solely on its “ ultrafine comb-style” cutting head.

  • Power: Ni-cad battery, rechargeable When thinking about a bikini razor or trimmer, you might picture a tiny manual shaver that can be tucked away anywhere. However, the Panasonic is (in our opinion) a better choice; it’s still small, but also has a rechargeable battery with a tiny charger.

    You won’t have to constantly buy new manual trimmers and you can take the Close Curves with you anywhere you go.

  • Wet/Dry: No At first, you’ll a bit wary of using it near the pubic area, because its head is much wider than most bikini trimmers. Don’t be scared, though; the four floating blades allow the ES2216PC to easily swivel and pivot around the curves of your body while the sharp blades will make easy work of the hair that’s often left behind by small bikini line trimmers.

    Sure, it doesn’t have a ton of floating heads or a hefty handle. It doesn’t come with a carrying case or anything like that, but it gets the job done and it gets it done right. The Cleancut T-Shape Personal Shaver is a simple, but effective trimmer that will get you the shave you are after without all the bells and whistles.

    If you are the kind of consumer that really prefers the simpler things in life, this razor will fit your bill. You get about 30 minutes of shaving time with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The slender, curving design of this model makes it well-suited to match the curves of your body in tender areas, and its slim handle makes it easy to maneuver.

    It requires a single battery which is described as “nonstandard” and comes included with the unit; we haven’t seen any information about being able to replace the battery, so we’re assuming that when the battery has run its course, you’ll have to purchase a new razor. As you’d expect from a Remington, this is a foil model with floating heads. The foils are designed with what the company calls “Lift Logic,” allowing the shaver to capture and cut hairs that are different lengths and growing at different angles, all in the same pass.

    The flexing dual-sided trimmer that sits in front of the blades also helps by prepping longer hairs to be gobbled up. Speaking of the design, it was created specifically for the contours of a woman’s body so the shave is much more satisfying and effective than the one you’d get from a man’s razor. A reasonably priced electric shaver which is gentle on the skin.

    Ask the “experts” to list the most indispensable women’s grooming tools and they’ll come up with items like a quality hair brush, a blow dryer and curling iron or hair straightener. Most women know there’s an important “must-have” missing from all of those experts’ lists, though: a great bikini razor or trimmer. Looking at the Braun Silk-épil FG1100 Bikini Hair Styler and Trimmer: The bottom line is that you get a close trim along the bikini line without cuts or nicks; you’ll do best to first trim any long hairs and then use some powder or baby oil on the skin as you trim, because the shaver is not intended to clean out forests and there is the possibility of some irritation after using the T-Shape.

    The two eyebrow attachments for the Philips HP6378 are the eyebrow comb, which can trim each eyebrow to a perfect length, and the micro-trimmer designed to shape your eyebrows to perfection (which can also be used to remove single hairs in your bikini area as well). When a company’s own marketing material touts a bikini razor as being perfect for “ landing strips” and “ Brazilians,” you know they’re confident in their product’s performance and comfort. The Cleancut T-Shape, for the most part, delivers.

  • Power: Lithium-ion, rechargeable The Bikini Perfect Deluxe is the most expensive unit on our list, and that’s one reason it doesn’t rank higher. We also didn’t think it was quite as good in dealing with pubic hair as the two products above it, and we were a bit put off by its required 10-hour charging time. If you are curious about how to achieve more permanent hair removal, then you might want to read Groom+Style’s Top 5 Best At-Home Hair Removal Laser Devices Review.

     Or if getting ready for the summer season is starting to seem like too much of a hassle, you could decide to get yourself a portable air conditioning unit, some quality movies/tv series, and enjoy the good old indoors this summer.

  • Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 2 inches The Schick is waterproof with a contoured rubber handle so it can be used anywhere. And with no attachments or cords to worry about, it’s the simplest of our top four choices to toss into a purse or backpack so you can do touchup work wherever you go.

    The Panasonic Close Curves is completely hypoallergenic, ensuring that there won’t be any lasting irritation or rashes when you’re finished shaving even if you have sensitive skin. And the design of the shaver, with its pop-up and bikini trimmers, means you won’t end up with the razor burn or bumps you’d get when trying to use any other “multi-purpose” shaver in sensitive areas. The Panasonic shaver with four floating stainless steel blades and flexible pivoting head provides a close and comfortable shave or trim.

    Remington has designed a terrific wet/dry shaver for every area of a woman’s body; it delivers a smooth, close shave at a very reasonable price. Groom+Style don’t think it is the very best razor or trimmer on the market, and we think the Schick Quattro is better value. But it is the smallest and lightest of the models we’ve listed, and it’s the fifth best bikini trimmer on the market.

    With so many competitors out there, that’s not a bad place to be. Finally, traditional razors are simply not designed to deal with the delicate skin in the area, they are formulated to cut through the coarse hair on the face and legs and armpits. While it might seem like all hope is lost, and the bikini region will always be a problem area to shave, that isn’t the case.

     Groom+Style collected five razors that will help you get the bikini line you’ve always hoped for, without nicks, razor bumps, and irritation. Remington WDF5030 Wet & Dry Women’s Rechargeable Electric Foil Shaver Remington WDF5030A Wet and Dry.

    Click the photo to see the Price on Amazon. The Philips HP6378 is unique (ok, except for the Braun Silk-Epil 7 7-561 at #4a) on our list because it not only does nice work trimming and shaping bikini-line hair, it can also epilate by means of a dedicated attachment. In fact, this Philips unit has six different attachments, several for the eyebrows and the rest for “down there.

  • Attachments: None
  • Attachments: Pop-up trimmer, bikini trimmer Note: a model from previous years which has been replaced by the more effective Braun Silk-épil FG1100 or even Philips Bikini Genie BRT383. When it gets time to get really close to the sensitive spots, though, there’s also a pop-up trimmer to take out the stray hairs, and a bikini trimmer attachment which can deal with the actual bikini line when you get to the tight spots where you probably won’t feel comfortable using the larger razor. The Panasonic shaver head with the trimmer guard and pop-up trimmer engaged.

    Schick has really made a name for themselves in the shaving arena, and the Schick Quattro remains one of the most popular razors on the market. It should, then, come as no surprise that they are also taking the bikini area by storm, too.

  • Power: “Nonstandard” battery Panasonic has been a leader in the razor market for many years, and they hit the nail on the head with this wet/dry number.

    Shaving the bikini line may seem like a simple enough task, but if you are not careful it can turn out to be arduous and traumatizing. Shaving the bikini line is difficult for a number of reasons. First off, the bikini area is a sensitive, and the skin can be easily irritated.

    Secondly, the “tight area”, makes it difficult to accurately navigate a normal razor. Best Bikini Razor and Bikini Trimmer – Top 7 Smoothest Review for Jul. 2019 The angled trimmer head is also rather thin, making it even easier to access the smaller areas of the bikini region.

    It stands at only one-inch wide but packs a lot of power in its tiny frame

    . The Panasonic ES246AC trimmer has stood the test of time. A very simple yet effective product that has been designed so that it is small and powerful – perfect for the bikini area.

  • Wet/Dry: Yes Check Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 price on Amazon
  • Power: Lithium-ion battery, rechargeable A great epilating, shaving trimming and styling kit.
  • Run Time: 20 minutes When you are looking to complete a simple trim, you turn on the razor, pick your desired length, then smooth the trimmer over the area until you achieve your desired look. Once you have trimmed, if you so desire, you can then flip the razor over to finish with a close shave.

    Best Bikini Trimmer – The Right Tool to Shave the Bikini Line There are thoughtful extras built into the WDF5030, too. An almond oil strip cools and nourishes the skin as you shave. The blades are treated with an antimicrobial additive that prevents the growth of bacteria.

    There is a built-in trimmer and an included bikini comb for use in sensitive areas. The handle is non-slip and the razor is hypoallergenic. And of course, since this is a 100% waterproof wet/dry shaver it can be used in the shower or bath with or without gel.

    Or follow this link to read more about the Philips Series 7000 and the other top male body groomers available. The package also comes with an exfoliating glove, illuminating tweezers, and a carrying case. Check Schick Hydro Razor Blade Refills Price on Amazon

  • Run Time: 60 minutes More detail on the Panasonic ES246C Bikini Trimmer:
  • Weight: 2 ounces Then, there’s a micro-razor attachment to clean up, giving you a close shave along the bikini lines to get rid of any remaining stubble, and avoiding the stubborn problem of irritation or rashes thanks to the micro-razor’s hypoallergenic foil.

    Another complete bikini and grooming kit that is probably not quite as powerful as the Braun Silk Epil 7, but is more cost-effective. The handle is roughly the width of an electric toothbrush, and it curves up delicately into an extremely thin, easy-to-maneuver head.

    There aren’t several trim levels, but you can adjust your trim based on how hard you press down on the razor. Check Braun FG 1100 Silk Épil Price On Amazon Check Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Price On Amazon Either way, Groom+Style’s female testers took our top-rated male body groomer for a test and found it to be a very effective shaver and trimmer on the bikini area, legs, and armpits. The Philips Norelco Series 7100 is comparative to the Panasonic ES2216PC in terms of functionality (shaver and trimmer), but it does feel more solid as you might expect for a product that is roughly double the price


    This versatile all-in-one shaver is designed for the entire body, but its shape is perfect for getting into the curves of the bikini line and it’s built to minimize the nicks and bumps most all-purpose shavers will leave. Versatile, Water Proof and Hypo-Allergenic

  • Warranty: Two year Please:
  • Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 1 inches Utilizing 2 double-A batteries (not included), this tiny trimmer is more powerful than it looks. It has been a top-rated bikini shaver since 2015, and there is a good reason for that.

    You can alter the position of the razor head to five different points, making it easy to manipulate the razor into the curves and crevices of the bikini line. Check Schick Quattro For Women Price On Amazon Replacement Blades for the Schick Quattro

  • Weight: 4 ounces The trimmer works on a rechargeable battery and is a wet/dry model which can be used in the shower and then just rinses clean. You can choose between two types of blades when buying replacement cartridges for the razor end; the Ultra Smooth blades moisturize the skin with Jojoba and Acai Berry conditioning strips, and the Sensitive Skin blades have what the company only says are “hypoallergenic ingredients.

  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 x 2 inches
  • Run Time: 30 minutes 6. Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer. Click the photo to see the Price on Amazon.

    Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver Cleancut PS335 T-Shape Personal Shaver. Click the photo to see the Price on Amazon. If you like the idea of the Braun FG 1100 but want “more”, then the Braun Silk-Epil 7 gives you just that! You get the Braun FG 1100 plus an epilator, shaver and trimmer.

    It is more expensive than just buying the Braun FG 1100 but is a great investment. Braun Silk-Epil 7 kit, which includes the Braun FG 1100, plus an epilator, shaver and trimmer.

    5 x 5 inches

  • Attachments: Six: precision trimmer, precision comb, micro-shaver, epilator and two eyebrow attachments If you are looking for a razor that can get multiple jobs done, then this is the one you’ll want to pick up. Plus, it is discrete and easy to travel with, if you regularly travel for business or pleasure.

    Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer Schick Quattro Razor & Bikini Trimmer. Click the photo to see the Price on Amazon. While this may be a niche razor that really is intended for use on the bikini line only it is a great one to have in your arsenal.

    While Panasonic decided to make this trimmer a “one-trick pony”. It does that trick exceedingly well, and it is rare to find a razor that works this well on the bikini line, so it’s worth a little splurge. Note: If you like the Philips product range but do not want the epilator (Philips HP6376 has the microshaver and trimmer but no epilator) or don’t want a rechargeable option (Philips Bikini Genie BRT383 is a trimmer) then there are some various options for you – see more details below.

    Check Philips Perfect Bikini Trimmer HP6376/60 price on Amazon – no epilator More detail on the Schick Quattro for Women Trimstyle Razor & Bikini Trimmer: This Quattro is double-sided. The pink-and-teal Quattro for Women is a disposable razor at one end and an electric razor at the other. It’s small, convenient and inexpensive.

    Brilliant manual razor and trimmer combination, for those women who want complete flexibility. Batteries are included and the Quattro is fully waterproof.

  • Attachments: Trimmer head, two trimming combs The actual shaver head of the Pansonic ES 2216C pivots as well, in and out and side to side, which further adds to the flexibility and comfort of this razor.

    Panasonic has another model, the ES 2207P (link to Amazon), with only three floating heads and without the pivoting head, that is slightly cheaper. Groom+Style would recommend you spend the few extra dollars, if possible for your budget, on the ES 2216C – you will not be disappointed. The good-looking Bikini Perfect Deluxe starts with a precision trimmer, allowing you to groom the bikini line comfortably and to your exact specifications; to help with that task, there is also a precision comb which lets you select one of five settings to choose the length you’d like the hair to be, anywhere from 2mm to 10mm.

  • Attachments: Trimmer guard
  • Weight: 3 ounces 5. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100 – Men’s Bodygroomer
  • Warranty: One year
  • Warranty: Two years (also includes a 45-day money back guarantee) If you are looking to get a complete clean shave, this isn’t the razor for you, but if you’re looking for a neat trim with easily adjustable lengths, you’ll want to try this Panasonic. The razor can be customized to provide 1/8 of an inch thickness to 5/8ths of an inch.