. It may be an extra source of panic for you too because it’s your balls that will be bleeding. Ensure that your shaver is clean by wiping it down with alcohol before you begin.

Wash your hands, balls, and everything else in your nether region too. One good recommendation is to take a hot shower before the deed, which can help soften the skin and hairs, priming them for a good shave. Your scrotum skin is very loose, and that means some folds of skin may get caught in your shaver’s blade and get nicked in the process.

Pulling it back smoothens the surface and prevents the risk of injury.

  • Begin The Shave Though many shavers claim that they’re designed to avoid tugging and pulling at long hairs that stray into the blade, you want to minimize that anyway. Before you start shaving, gently pull at your ball hairs and cut them with a clean pair of scissors.

    You don’t need to be extremely close, just make sure that you don’t have anything that looks like it should belong on top of your head. The application of aftershave is particularly important, as it can prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs from forming in your balls. Of course, just as with your shaving cream, you want to use an aftershave that’s designed for sensitive skin.

    Avoid aftershave formulas that contain alcohol, and look for aftershaves that include moisturizing action. Is a Regular Electric Razor a Good Choice for Shaving Your Balls?

  • Pre-Trim Your Ball Hairs With Scissors
  • Add Shaving Cream
  • Add Aftershave For your balls, though, not just any shaving cream will do the trick. Make sure you use one that’s optimized for sensitive skin.

    The best electric shaver for your balls is one that's made for other parts of your body aside from your face. Trimmers and body shavers are a better choice. They're slim and able to work in close quarters without nicking the skin.

    And I don’t just mean your shaver. You want to make the whole shaving operation as clean as possible, because both the risks and effects of infection are pretty nasty when it comes to manscaping. Even if your shaver is designed to avoid cuts, you’ll never completely eliminate the risk of a nick or two while you’re shaving, so you want to prevent any infection if that happens


  • Clean Your Tools
  • Clean Up Any Wounds When you're shaving your genitals, you'll want a shaver that tackles the hair gently. It should be ergonomic, so that you can hold the shaver at an angle to get under the balls or between the sack and the anus. It should have a few combs for varied lengths since you might want to trim instead of shave the area.

    It can be versatile and able to tackle other areas of the body, too. These are important considerations for your shaver purchase. It's possible to shave your balls with a regular electric razor used for your face.

    Using a regular electric shaver is also a good way to end up with nicks and cuts on your balls. It's painful and not ideal for your boys. It could lead to serious razor burn and ingrown hairs.

    Adding a shaving cream will ensure that the razor glides over your balls as smoothly as possible. It will also soften the hair so that the razor has an easier time with it. With clean balls, tools, and shaving cream applied, it’s time to start shaving.

    Press your shaver head gently into your balls and glide it over hairy areas. As all of our recommended shavers have heads that pivot to follow the contours of your skin, you don’t need to push hard. Make sure to shave in the direction that each hair grows.

    That will help prevent ingrown hairs. Don’t worry about it—minor nicks can easily be fixed. Just cover up any small cuts with clean, damp tissue and press down gently for 5 to 10 minutes.

    That should stop the bleeding fairly quickly. Of course, stop your shaving until the bleeding stops, and clear away any shaving cream or aftershave to prevent it from getting into the wound and irritating it. With a body shaver, they often come with trimmers that can help you trim instead of shaving, too.

    If you want to shave your back and trim your balls, body shavers are a perfect choice. Conclusion Your balls are delicate. That’s why the best ball trimmers and shavers are also the most delicate ones.

    This is perhaps the most important metric to look out for when you’re choosing one of these groomers. Remember that virtually none of these ball shavers are actually marketed as such, so the best trimmer for balls is often chosen on the basis of how much protection they have between the blades and your skin. I’ve done the legwork for you in listing the best ball shavers, but you need to choose the one that best suits your needs and has the features you want.

    When you finally do have a good ball shaver, though, carefully follow the steps I’ve outlined for you, and you’ll have all the makings of a healthy manscaping ritual. Keep it up and your balls will be a pristine landscape, ready to take on the world.