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00 Viss RF M/V Viss RF How to use VISS WRINKLE How to useSkin care treatments to be done with professional homecare top devices. Skin rejuvenation therapies are getting improvised in plenty of ways.

Com introduces the highly popular IPL which treats acnes and removes the unwanted hairs and rejuvenates skin. Also, it provides RF skin tightening massager which projects radio Frequency waves sending in energy. It allows skin to glow and get to the right type of whitening.

If you are trying to get some rejuvenation of the skin, find a suitable device on vissbeauty. Com and check on RF skin tightening massage and IPL hair removal skin rejuvenation machine. We bring the skin care device from Seoul for the most effective solutions to our customers.

Try using our hair removal products and other homecare viss products, like the treatments in the hands of expert beauticians and dermatologists, to achieve a glowing and fresh look. Newsletter: We promise to only send you good things. Leave this field empty if you're human: SHOPPING GUIDEBlogFAQsVISS ManualWarrantyReturn PolicyImport TaxesOTHER LINKSYour AccountShopPromotionReviewsTerms & ConditionsINFORMATIONHomeAbout UsContact UsNewsCONTACT US 2F Yeongjin B/D, 212 Garogongwon -Ro,Gangseo-Gu,Seoul,Korea 07762 82-2-6735-1974 [email protected]follow us© 2019 VISS Beauty. Website Designed & Developed By : Sahidul Islampayments HomeShopNewsPromotionReviewsFAQ VISS WRINKLE How To Use × VISS IPL M/V × VISS RF How to use × VISS RF × XHome | Treatments | Laser Therapies | Laser Skin Rejuvenation The technology involved in laser skin rejuvenation and IPL devices has made huge advances in recent years; where once these treatments were associated with significant downtimes, now these treatments are becoming lunchtime treatments with very little downtime. Laser/IPL can dramatically reduce the signs of ageing, improve fine lines and wrinkles, treat visible blood vessels and unwanted pigmentation and acne scars.

How does laser/IPL skin rejuvenation work?Laser and IPL uses light energy to target various tissues in the skin with the aim of revitalising the skin and improving the skins appearance; these targets vary from the pigment melanin which gives skin its colour to the haemoglobin pigment in blood vessels which causes red or purple discoloration of the skin. These different types of pigment can be selectively “targetted” using different settings within the laser and IPL machines. Are all lasers/IPL the same?Consumers and patients are bombarded on a daily basis with advertisements from beauty salons and beauty spas about IPL and other treatments.

What many people don’t realise is that laser and IPL machines are like cars; there are Ferrari’s and Porsche’s that offer fantastic performance and there are the little runarounds with no power whatsover. The machine that you choose to do your treatment will have a major impact on whether you have a successful outcome

. Unfortunately there are a lot of laser and IPL machines out there that have been purchased cheaply from Ebay and other places, that have never had safety trials on humans or any clinical data, nor have the achieved FDA or TGA approval to validate their safety or effectiveness.

At Rewind Skin & Laser, we use only superior, top or the range, USA-made, medical grade lasers and IPL which have passed FDA approval in the USA and TGA approval in Australia. This ensures your safety and gives you the best results. What lasers are used at Rewind Skin & Laser for skin treatment?At Rewind Skin & Laser we have a Picosure laser with 755nm and 532nm handpieces along with Focus Lens attachments.

This laser is the premium laser used for tattoo removal with the ability to remove all tattoo colours twice as fast as any other laser. The 755nm handpiece with the Focus lens array is fantastic for skin rejuvenation, improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in pigmentation and melasma and for acne scarring. It does this by creating light-induced optical breakdown products (LIOB’s) in the skin, which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, leading to fantastic improvements in skin quality.

The Picosure is safe to use on all skin types. We also use the Emerge™ fractional laser that offers flexible treatments for several skin conditions. It is well tolerated and offers minimum downtime after treatments with excellent treatment outcomes.

What IPL is used at Rewind Skin & Laser for skin treatments?At Rewind Skin & Laser, we use the Cynosure Icon aesthetic platform with Max G and Max R handpieces. The Max G handpiece is a fantastic IPL system used for treatment of skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, visible blood vessels and rosacea. The Max R handpiece is used for permanent hair reduction.

The Icon is among the “Rolls Royce” of IPL systems and gives patients great results. Its patented Skintel reader measures the amount of pigment in your skin and so adds an extra layer of safety to reduce the risk of overtreatment and pigmentation changes. It also features patented photon-recycling, meaning that each light pulse is bounced inside the handpiece through a sophisticated system of mirrors and hits the skin a second time; this gives a better treatment effect while reducing the amount of energy needed, in turn reducing the risk of complications.

The Icon IPL system is safe to use on all skin types. What laser is used for fat reduction and body contouring?At Rewind Skin & Laser, we use the Sculpsure laser for non-invasive fat reduction, the world’s first FDA and TGA approved laser lipolysis device for non-invasive fat reduction. Please click here to visit our body contouring page for more details.

The Picosure and Emerge lasers are excellent for treating…Many different skin conditions can be treated with laser and through a combination of our Picosure laser and Icon IPL system we are able to treat a lot of them

. The Picosure is excellent at treating unwanted pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, melasma and for general facial rejuvenation through the stimulation of new collagen and elastin. The Icon IPL system treats surface pigmention associated with sun damage and also is great for fine lines and wrinkles, facial blood vessels, rosacea and also for permanent hair reduction.

How does laser work for skin pigmentation?The Picosure laser works for skin pigmentation using the patented Focus Lens array that attaches to the 755nm handpiece. This wavelength of light is very specific for the melanin pigment in our skin, that is the major cause of pigmentation. The Focus lens works by changing the laser beam, creating areas of high intensity and low intensity energy in the skin.

This breaks up the melanin pigment and smoothes it out, while at the same time creating tiny areas in the skin called light-induced optical breakdown products (LIOBs). Published studies have shown that these LIOBs stimulate the production of collagen and elastin for up to 6 months after a treatment. This extra collagen and elastin plumps up tissue, smoothes out fine and lines and wrinkles and improves scarring and other skin imperfections.

See the results we have achieved at Rewind Skin & Laser Centre Picosure rejuvenation post 2 x Focus treatments BEFORE AFTER How long is the recovery time after Picosure facial laser treatment?Having a Picosure facial done is comfortable, normally takes approximately 15-20 minutes and does not require any local anaesthetic or sedation. For extra comfort, we use a machine called a Zimmer to blow cold air on your face. Immediately after a Picosure facial laser treatment your skin will be slightly red and a little swollen and will feel warm.

This normally settles in a matter of minutes to hours, especially with the use of cold packs if needed. After a few hours, people cannot normally tell that you have had a treatment. This makes Picosure literally a “lunchtime” treatment.

The next day, you can go about your regular daily life as normal and wear makeup if needed. Sometimes, your pigmentation may temporarily darken for up to a week before it starts to fade; this is normal.  Your skin will immediately feel tighter after the treatment.

How long is the recovery time after Icon IPL facial treatment?Having an Icon IPL facial treatment takes 20-30 minutes and is comfortable, requiring no local anaesthetic or sedaton. We use a machine called a Zimmer to blow cold air on your face for added comfort. Afterwards, your face will feel warm and a little swollen and may go slightly red.

This can last for up to a few days but is normally gone by the following day. This can be helped by cold packs. The pigmentation on your face may temporarily darken for up to a week before it fades.

If we are treating visible blood vessels, there is a small risk that you can get a bruise. This is temporary and fades in a few days and can be helped by using an ice pack. How many treatments will I need for Laser or IPL skin rejuvenation?Patients will see great results after a single treatment of Picosure laser or Icon IPL but we usually advise a course of 3-4 treatments, one month apart.

Maintenance treatments may be needed every 6-12 months depending on your skin condition and your exposure to sunlight. How much does Laser & IPL skin rejuvenation cost?Prices start from $50, for more information about what treatment is suitable for you and how much it will cost book a consultation. TreatmentsCostSingle treatment session$899Three treatment sessions package (Save $298)$2399 How much does IPL skin rejuvenation cost?TreatmentPER TXPACKAGE (3) Save approx 15%Spot treatment$120$306 Save $54Full Face$350$893 Save $157Half Face$220$561 Save $99Neck$200$510 Save $90Face & Neck (save $100)$450$1147 Save $203Décolletage$320$816 Save $144Neck & Dec (save $70)$450$1147 Save $203Face, Neck & Dec (save $180)$690$1760 Save $310Arms$300$765 Save $135Hands$200$510 Save $90Arms & Hands (save $100)$400$1020 Save $180 We accept interest free payment plans.

How long is the recovery time after Fractional Laser facial treatment?Fractional laser treatment is comfortable and does not need any anaesthetic and takes 30-60 minutes to perform, with some swelling and redness directly afterwards which may last 1-2 days with some bronzing of pigmentation. For more information, see our fractional laser page. Why get Laser or IPL skin rejuvenation and Rewind Skin & Laser?At Rewind Skin & Laser, we use only the best laser and IPL machines, with treatments carried out by trained and experienced medical professionals.

All laser treatments are done by doctors who have years of experience performing these treatments. Rewind Skin & Laser is a doctor-owned and operated clinic and your safety and wellbeing is our primary concern. You have the confidence knowing that you are getting a medical opinion and treatment and you will also have the medical support in the unlikely event of an adverse event.

Meet our IPL Skin Rejuvenation Expert Aoife Aoife is our Irish dermal therapist.  She has studied and worked in all aspects of dermal therapy for over 8 years specializing in IPL and skin needling and she has a passion for all things skin. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Rewind TreatmentsCosmetic Injectables Double Chin Treatment Dermal Fillers Lip Injections Thread Lifting Wrinkle InjectionsLaser Therapies Fractional Laser Laser Hair Removal Laser Skin Rejuvenation Laser Tattoo RemovalBeauty Treatments Cosmetic Tattooing Skin Needling Skin Workouts Signature Facials Paramedical Treatments UltherapyBody Treatments Body Contouring Cosmetic Mole Removal Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening Skin Cancer ChecksBook a Consultation (08) 6500 1590Please fill out your details below and we’ll call you back to book your appointment.

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What Treatment are you interested in? *---Double Chin TreatmentDermal FillersLip InjectionsThread LiftingWrinkle Injections---Fractional LaserLaser Skin RejuvenationLaser Hair RemovalLaser Tattoo Removal---Cosmetic TattooingSkin NeedlingSignature FacialsSkin WorkoutsParamedical TreatmentsUltherapy---Body ContouringCosmetic Mole RemovalRadio-Frequency Skin TighteningSkin Cancer ChecksSubscribe for latest news and special offers. Site MapHomeTreatments Cosmetic Injectables Laser Therapies Beauty Treatments Body TreatmentsConditionsAbout UsSpecialsGift VouchersBlogBook Now Rewind Skin & Laser © 2017 | All Rights Reserved | Website byUniversal Medical Aesthetics is a leading IPL machine supplier, servicing top-end clinics around Australia with premium equipment. With a business built on the foundations of reliability, functionality, technology and quality service, our customers have come to rely on us when they need advanced IPL machines for sale in Australia.

The Australian aesthetics industry is evolving at a rapid rate, so our IPL machines for salons around the country evolve with it, to ensure you always have access to the features you need to offer the best treatment to your clients. Clients sayPlexr utilises a relatively new, and effective treatment modality, which treats areas on the face which, until now, have been difficult to do. In particular, sensitive areas such as skin folds above and below the eye can be tightened and remodelled, which would previously have required surgery or ablative laser.

I am extremely impressed with the results so far. Plexr treatments are relatively safe, and precise, allowing me to treat difficult areas with confidence. UMA has been very supportive with training and quick responses to any enquiries we’ve had. Dave – Inject Skin ClinicRead AllHi, Just want to give some very positive feedback. I had some trouble with my Genlux machine and while I message tech and my trainer I also messaged Justin.

Justin ended up calling me late at night and talking me through what to do and was all fixed. Justin was nothing but helpful and patient. Along our journey it has been Justin himself who has given us the faith and service that we now highly recommend. Cara Smith, Crystal Clear Skincare ClinicRead AllWe have been very impressed with how much support and follow on training we receive from UMA with regards to our current equipment- especially from Lisa and although we can get the same product and extra's inc training, launch time etc through another reputable company for $500 less we are inclined to stick with UMA. Kristy Cooper – Silk StudioRead AllI have been using Universal IPL machines for over 2 years and have had great results with Grey, Blonde and Red Hair.

The slow build up of heat to the folical and warming of the blood flow allows me to wax or pluck the area and laser simultaneously, making the laser attract to the hemoglobin color in the folical. I couldn't recommend these IPL/SHR machines enough.

My Salon has Hair Free and Hair reduced clients that are ecstatic with the results of there SHR/IPL Laser treatments. Nicole – The Perfect Beauty SpotRead AllI just wanted to send you a line to say thank you for all the help and support you and the team at Universal Medical have given me, I could not have started this side of my business without your help and the help of everyone who supported and trained us to get up and running. The training, support and equipment have been above and beyond expectations, Thankyou!Pam Mason – Belrose HairdressingRead AllHello , have dealt with Justin for a few years now and , I can honestly say he is a man of his word.

He has looked after me with 6 pieces of equipment and what he promised, he delivered on. Exceptional customer service and Whitney , great trainer. Would highly recommend this company and both the above people.

Thank for the continued serviceLisa Beechey – The Beaute SpotRead All Featured productsUltra-ReGenLED/PDTRead MoreDual AccentoLaser Hair ReductionThe Dual Accento provides the benefits of both Alexandrite and Nd:YAG. Efficient and durable, it is reliable for even. Read MoreEvoLuxIPL/SHREconomical, efficient and easy to operate, the EvoLux is a high energy system which delivers unequivocal results. Read MoreQuattroLuxLED/PDTThe QuattroLux offers the latest advances in new technology by combining 5 different colours within one head, without compromising the. Read MoreUltra-ReGen SLED/PDTRead MoreUltra-Crystal MicrodermabrasionMicrodermabrasionUsing the latest advance in technology, Ultra-Crystal Microdermabrasion uses organic grains to provide a more polished exfoliation treatment than competitor’s

. Read MoreUniLuxIPL/SHRThe UniLux treats more than just unwanted hair and will allow you to treat a variety of conditions.

Read MoreUniLux ProIPL/SHRRead MoreGenLuxIPL/SHRUMA presents GenLux, the most powerful desktop hair reduction and anti-ageing machine in Australia. Read MoreUltra-Slim4CryolipolysisCryolipolysis delivers precisely controlled cooling to crystallize (freeze) the fat cells to quickly and comfortably reduce fatty tissue. Read MoreDuoLuxIPL/SHRDuoLux is a premier, FDA approved, multi-treatment system containing 2400 watts of power with advanced cooling technology. Read MorePlexr Plus Plasma PenCosmetic TreatmentUniversal Medical Aesthetics is pleased to offer Plexr Plus, the latest in design, function and performance.

Read MoreUltra-PenSkin NeedlingUniversal Medical Aesthetics’, Ultra-Pen uses advanced medical grade equipment and research to present the latest skin needling machine.

Read MorePlexr Duo Plasma PenCosmetic TreatmentRead MoreDioLux IceLaser Hair ReductionDioLux Ice Platform achieves the safest and most comprehensive hair removal treatment available today.

Read MoreUniTattTattoo RemovalUniversal Medical Aesthetics uses advanced Q-switched to remove challenging tattoos with their latest tattoo removal machine – the UniTatt. Read MoreUltra-OxyOxygen FacialJet peel treatments are highly effective with improving skin texture, wrinkle reduction, removal of unwanted pigmentation and overall. Read MoreUniTatt ProTattoo RemovalUsing Q-switched, the UniTatt Pro is less painful, faster and more effective than other machines in its class. Read MoreUniLiteLED/PDTLess expensive than other professional LED light therapy machines, the UniLite contains four alternative light treatments.

Read MoreCaviLux – CavitationFat ReductionUsing the latest ultrasonic technology, Cavi-Lux is one of the most advanced fat reducing machines. Read MoreUltra-Hydro HydrodermabrasionHydrodermabrasionThe Ultra-Hydro Hydrodermabrasion system uses the natural process of water and oxygen combined with diamond crystals to effortlessly exfoliate the. Read More About SHR/IPL machineWhy SHR/IPL machineWhy Quality MattersAbout SHR/IPL machineAn IPL machine harnesses the ultimate hair removal technology for clinics that value versatility and efficiency. In just one impressive system, operators have access to a variety of treatments- not just hair removal.

IPL machines from Universal Medical Aesthetics are praised by professionals in Australia and the rest of the world. Our IPL Machines offer painless, quick treatments that are easy to administer and are comfortable and convenient for your patients. Regular treatments are recommended for optimal results, but many clients can see an improvement after just one session.

Why SHR/IPL machineWhen you invest in IPL hair removal machines, you're investing in the future of your business. Offering these treatments will assist you with attaining a higher customer retention rate, attracting new clients and increasing customer satisfaction. More people are choosing to turn to non-invasive, non-surgical procedures to address skin and hair concerns.

Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the latest hair removal and skin rejuvenation machines that do it all- so you can meet the demands of your customers and ensure they're going to you instead of your competitors. Non-surgical procedures have advanced significantly to give effective, long-lasting results. Numerous other benefits are also providedwhen using our devices, which are widely used across Australia and New Zealand.

Treatments are fast, pain-free and because they're non-invasive, they're safer and require much less downtime - if any. The benefits offered by Universal Medical Aesthetic’s IPL machine hair removal machines are unmatched by many competitorsin the market. Why Quality MattersIt pays to research the equipment you are buying and your chosen supplier when choosing your new IPL/SHR device.

Investing in superior quality machines ensures that you are getting the best available device in the market for reliability, functionality and longevity. It is imperative that both you and your clients feel confident with your machines, and are satisfied with the results. Opt for a company that offers post-purchase support and ongoing training.

It's an unavoidable fact that technology sometimes breaks down, so make sure you partner with a professional supplier that is always on-hand to offer service and repair advice. With every piece of equipment sold by Universal Medical Aesthetics, we offer specialist training, support and advice. That means that your business can keep running efficiently, every day.

Training & SupportWhy UMATRAINING & SUPPORT FOR PROFESSIONAL IPL MACHINESUniversal Medical Aesthetics has a commitment to serving our partnered salons and clinics with providing thorough training for our IPL Machines and other devices we supply such as Organic Microdermabrasion machines, Hydrodermabrasion machines, LED or PDT systems, Skin Needling and Tattoo Removal machines. Our specialised machines can deliver a range of skin rejuvenation and general anti-ageing treatments, enabling businesses in the beauty industry to treat a variety of conditions. We offer ongoing treatment support, technical support and marketing resources.

Whether you are buying your first IPL machine or upgrading from your existing devices, we recommend ensuring every operator in your business has received thorough training. Advanced features are always being added to keep up with the aesthetics market, so it's important to be able to adapt to these changes. With each purchase from UMA, we're happy to assist you with information about the best treatment techniques and optimal tips on treating a variety of skin types and conditions.

Our experts are also available to discuss any questions or concerns arising from treatment sessions that you are unsure about. Our training sessions are individually tailored so therapists of every level can feel confident in using our devices. We provide preliminary sessions free of charge, with the option of further training if desired.

When your staff have the skills and knowledge on how to best provide all the treatments you offer, you can guarantee the best possible results and consistently safe treatments that adhere to industry standards. Our Training Why UMAWith so many sub-standard IPL Machines in Australian and New Zealand, it's important that you choose to purchase from a reputable company. Universal Medical Aesthetics has extensive experience in the medical aesthetics industry, and a team of professionals that are committed to researching, designing, developing and distributing the best IPL/SHR machines for salons in Australia.

When you select an IPL machine from our extensive range, you'll experience nothing but confidence from start to finish. Investing in the latest technology is the only way for your clinic to grow and offer the complete package to your customers- so be sure you're choosing a supplier you can rely on. Universal Medical Aesthetics has the medical expertise you need.

With over two decades experience in the beauty equipment sector, we deliver the best service and value to every one of our customers. Using technologically progressive machinery, we supply premium equipment to high-end clinics and salons. Our experts are on-hand to offer you honest and transparent advice, even post-purchase.

Once your machine is set up at your premises, we offer specialist training and advice to give you, your staff and your clients complete confidence. About Us OUR Blog How Health is becoming the Centrepiece for BeautyIt is no secret that health and beauty go hand in hand, one cannot exist without the other

. Read More YOUTUBE ChannelView our Range of product videos, tutorials, behind the scenes sneak peaks and morel Have A query? Name (required) Email (required) Phone (required) Product-type--Product-type--laser Hair RemovalIPL/SHRHydrodermabrasionFat ReductionSkin FirmingLED/PDTMicrodermabrasionCryolipolysis State--Select State--VICQLDNSWSATASWAACTNT Message Please leave this field empty.

Quick linksHomeAbout usProductsBlogContact UsMarketing SupportTestimonialsTrainingTerms & ConditionsReturns PolicyPrivacy Policy contact us Universal Medical Aesthetics14/122-126Old Pittwater RoadBrookvale ,NSW 2100Tel: (02) 8231 6529USA30 Wall street, 8th FloorNew York, NY, 10005Tel: (212) 500-0838 Sign Up To Our Newsletter Join Our Newsletter Subscribe Leave this field empty if you're human: ​© Copyright 2019 by Universal Medical Aesthetics Pty LtdWeAreBodyBeautiful. Com home laser & IPL hair removal reviews test and compare machines to bring you expert recommendations. These are my 8 best home laser & IPL hair removal devices for 2019.

They’re hand-picked from over 25 reviews. All are tried-and-tested with real life photos. Read it to save time and help you decide.

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL | Overall best home IPL hair removal deviceTria Beauty hair removal laser 4X | Most powerful home laserNEW Braun Silk expert Pro 5 IPL | Fast, no-faff & super-safeSmoothskin Muse IPL | Sexy, powerful & lasts foreverSilk’n Infinity 400,000 | Best value for ALL skin tonesSmoothskin Bare IPL | Ultra-fast, plug-and-go IPLPanasonic ES-WH90 IPL | Best for facePhilips Lumea Advanced | Best for smaller body areasAlso in this guide: Machines you could consider | Ones to skip Read this first to find devices safe and suitable for you…How to choose a machineFirst, you need to check your skin tone, hair colour and reasons you may be unsuitable to use home laser and IPL hair removal machines. Which skin tone are you?Because of the way IPL and laser hair removal works not all machines are safe on dark skin tones. So, the first thing to check is which skin tone type you are.

We use the Fitzpatrick scale to do this. There are 6 Fitzpatrick types, measured from type I to VI. Type I is the lightest skin and type VI the darkest.

All home-use devices reviewed here are safe for types I to IV, light to mid-brown skin tones. A few more are safe for dark skin up to type V. And a couple are safe for the darkest skin type VI.

These use dual energies with very gentle IPL that’s safe for black skin. Look out for the skin tone chart with each device review. And for skin type V and VI check out this round-up of the best at home laser & IPL hair removal for dark and black skin.

What’s your hair colour?The darker your hair colour the better. There’s dark melanin in dark blonde through to black hair. The intense light energy targets the melanin, heats it up and disables the hair follicle.

If your natural hair colour is in this range, choose from all home IPL and laser hair removal devices. With fair hair (light blonde, red, white or grey), you don’t have the dark melanin needed. Your hair can’t attract the light energy so it’s not heated up nor the hair root disabled.

Most devices won’t work for you. Look out for the hair colour chart with each device review. And for fair hair check out this round-up of the best at home laser hair removal for lighter hair.

ContraindicationsYou could be unsuitable for laser and IPL hair removal for a bunch of health and medical reasons. These range from pregnancy and breastfeeding, diabetes, medical and skin conditions to photosensitising medications. You’ll find them listed in user manuals.

Head over to the brand websites, most have downloadable versions. If you can’t find one, email customer support and ask for it. Don’t buy a machine until you’ve checked them!You can learn more about these contraindications here.

And there’s more…There’s much more to learn too. Such as how it works, is it safe, how to prepare, what to expect from your treatments and results you’ll get. To answer your questions learn all in home laser & IPL hair removal 101.

Get answers to:How does laser / IPL work?Can I wax or epilate first?Which body areas can I treat?Does it hurt?What results will I get and when?Now, let’s get stuck into the best machines round-up…— WeAreBodyBeautiful. Com’s expert round-up —The best home laser hair removal machinesBetter than other review sites, this isn’t just a list of choices on Amazon. Find out which is perfect for you from my tried-and-tested expert round-up of the 8 best home laser & IPL hair removal machines.

There’s also a link to the full review for each where you’ll find in-depth detail and photos, hints and tips, and pros and cons. Philips Lumea PrestigeNothing feels as good or as easy as the Lumea Prestige.

Overall best home IPL hair removal device | £269 to £500For full body, face and small areasLight to dark skin & dark hairFast, powerful, packed with premium featuresClinically-proven & CE certification100-day money back guaranteeIf you want to be hair-free everywhere and you demand the best, look no further than the Philips Lumea Prestige. It’s my overall best home IPL hair removal machine because it’s designed beautifully to do it all. Available models: BRI954, BRI956, BRI953, BRI950.

Safe skin tones:Safe for skin tones I to V, light to dark skinHair colours:Works on black to dark blonde hairThe Philips Lumea Prestige are available predominantly in the UK and Europe, but they are available on Amazon.

Their higher price tag reflects the premium design. Premium, ergonomic designNothing feels as good. It’s sturdy, solid and refined.

The ergonomic gun-shape has a perfectly placed flash trigger button so it’s intuitive to position and very comfortable to hold. The long-tapered handle give excellent reach and leverage. Plus it keeps the power cord out of the way.

And the exceptional build quality and flashes that last for 15 years make it a long-lasting investment. The large curved-out body attachment is easy to get great coverage on your legs and knees. Combined with the fast flashes it’s the best for treating large areas – especially your pins!It works with mains-power and cordless so you can swap whenever, to whichever suits.

It’s also effortless to flash thanks to the new curved specialist attachments. They easily fit the contours of your curvy body like bikini line and underarms, so you get perfect coverage. Total controlWith 5 intensity levels to choose from, it operates at higher IPL power than other devices (from 2. 5 J/cm²) so it’ll work faster to reduce your hair growth.  It’s suitable for all but the darkest skin and comes with a new Smartskin sensor to check for a safe tone.

Like other skin tone sensors it advises the highest and safest intensity setting for your skin, but it still allows you to adjust it down a notch or two and remain in total control. And for smaller, harder to reach areas, switch to cordless operation. You can use it on your face in the privacy of your bathroom.

The Philips Lumea Prestige is perfect for full body treatments and small areas too. It’s packed full of premium features you won’t find on any other device. It’s fast!The Prestige is the fastest high power home IPL machine (used corded). The large body flash window (4.

1 cm²) combined with the fast repetition rate means you can finish a full leg in no time.

For me it took up to 10 mins (but I am incredibly thorough)

. And in combination with the curved specialist attachments, treating your full body is a doddle. It’s easy to get excellent coverage (no missed hairy bits!) and you can do it all in one session without getting bored or tired.

Money back guaranteePhilips offer a 100-day money back guarantee on the Prestige models. It’s the longest of all guarantees and I love it for the extra peace of mind it gives.

A few years of Philips research have delivered something that’s so simple, effective and standout. It’s perfect for full body treatments, smaller areas and your face too. Read the in-depth Lumea Prestige review to learn more, or check prices and buy using the links below.

Where to buy the Philips Lumea PrestigeFound this review helpful? Please support future reviews and shop via these links. BRI956 with 4 attachments for body, face, bikini & underarmsBuy BRI956 from:AmazonCurrentBody. AuBRI954 with 3 attachments for body, face & precisionBuy BRI954 from:AmazonBRI950, with 2 attachments for body & faceBuy BRI950 from:Amazon2. Tria 4X hair removal laserThe most powerful of the permanent hair removal home-use devices.

Most powerful home laser |£240 to £350For face and small areasFor light skin & dark hairMost powerful (diode laser), intuitive, cordlessClinically-proven, CE certification & FDA-cleared60 day money back guaranteeIf you demand maximum power the Tria 4X is the one for you. It’s my best home laser hair removal for longest lasting results. I recommend it for face and small areas like forearms, underarms and bikini


But not for legs and large areas. Safe skin tones:Safe for skin tones I to IV, light to medium skinHair colours:Works on black to dark blonde hairThe Tria 4X is the only FDA-cleared laser for use at home.

This diode laser is the most powerful home-use device available and it’s considered to give the fastest and longest lasting results. Tried and tested by thousands, it’s been available since 2013. Easy to useThe Tria 4X is very intuitive and easy to use.

The characterful design is heavy at around 600g, but is comfortable to hold. It’s operated via a single power button and an LED screen on top of the tear-shaped head. The skin tone sensor activates only on light skin tones (Fitzpatrick I to IV) so it protects darker skin from damage.

The rechargeable battery takes around 2 hours to charge. The cordless operation means you can use it anywhere without getting all tangled-up. Charge the device regularly every month or so (even if not in use) and the Tria gives you thousands of pulses and several years of use.

Unlock the laser by placing the red skin tone sensor on the base of the handle against your skin. Once unlocked, use the small pink button to cycle through the intensity levels. From the distinctive shape, LED screen and pulse counter to the unique beeps and buzzes it sounds to keep you on track, the Tria 4X is very different to alternative home IPL devices.

And because it’s a laser the light is focused onto your skin so you won’t see bright flashes of light as with IPL. Safe and powerfulChoose your intensity level (1 is low and 5 is high), pulse, beep, lift and reposition all over your treatment area in an overlapping pattern.

The skin sensor around the laser aperture emits a laser pulse only when it’s covered by your skin. The 5 intensity levels range from 1 (7 J/cm² ) to 5 (22 J/cm² ) and they’re safe for light to medium skin tones Fitzpatrick types I to IV.

Many choose the Tria over IPL hair removal systems because it’s most powerful. However, there are 2 very important considerations; how much it hurts and how fast it covers your skin. Keep reading…Diode laserIt’s a laser folks so be aware all that extra power means some compromise.

For some users it hurts more than a bit, especially on maximum power. I found it like a sharp hot prick that disappeared instantaneously. Numbing creams or ice help with this.

Others say it doesn’t hurt or it’s bearable. As everyone’s experience is different there’s no way to know how you’ll feel. So, weigh this up in your decision.

The laser aperture is small (just over 5 mm) so it takes a long time to zap your skin. It’s time consuming and tedious on large areas like your legs. Plus, it’s easy to lose your place and forget which bits you’ve already zapped! But it’s much more manageable in 30-minute sessions for your face and small areas.

Rechargeable batteryA battery charge lasts for 30 mins or up to 600 zaps. With this you can do your face and both underarms or both sides of your bikini line. Then you’ll need to recharge for 2 hours.

Always recharge after use then it’s ready to go for your next session. And you can split multiple smaller areas across days too. The 30 minute battery life means it’s not suited to treating legs and large areas.

You’d need to split legs over several days

. Plus it’s difficult to get good coverage and keep track of where you’ve zapped. Each 30 minute session is about right for the high level of precision and concentration required.

So, it works well for smaller areas and the face. Long lasting resultsTria say you need 8 treatments, 1 every 2 weeks for 3 months. The user feedback supports this.

They report great hair reduction results. Some see results after just a few sessions. For others it takes more but they eventually get there and stay smooth with continued, occasional top-ups.

If you consistently commit the time and patience needed over 3 months, and then less frequent top ups, I think it’s a great choice for the face and small areas. You get a 60-day money back guarantee too. Read the full in-depth Tria 4X review or check prices and buy below.

Where to buy the Tria 4x laserTria Beauty 4X laser for body & face, 60-day guaranteeBuy from CurrentBody. ComBuy from Tria Beauty UKBuy from Amazon (check guarantee is valid before buying)Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Precision, for face & top-upsBuy from CurrentBody.

Braun Silk Expert 5 Pro IPL hair removal deviceCompact, lightweight, powerful, extra fast, super-safe, elegant. Fast, no-faff & super-safe | £284. 99For full body, face and small areasFor light to dark skin & dark hairFast, powerful & super-safePlug-and-go simplicityClinically proven, CE certification & FDA-cleared100-day money back guaranteeSafe skin tones:Safe for skin tones I to V, light to dark skinHair colours:Works on black to dark blonde hairThe Braun Pro 5 IPL is available in the UK, Europe, Australia, US and Globally. It’s one of the most expensive at full RRP (£599.

99) but you can find introductory offers around £300. Braun have done an awesome job with the new Pro 5 IPL.

You get more IPL flashes (400,000) for way over 15 years’ worth of monthly full body sessions. All the good bits of the earlier model are there, but with simple improvements that make it even easier to use. Compact & lightweightThe Braun Pro 5 still looks elegant with subtle curves and smooth lines. It still feels balanced and robust.

But now it’s 15% smaller and 25% lighter than the previous model. So, it fits perfectly in your hand and is effortless to manoeuvre. You’ll feel no strain as you zap away.

The Braun IPL weighs just 292g, is very comfortable in different grips, easy to position and the cord won’t tangle and stays out of the wayIt still has non-stop mains-power operation so you can finish your full body in one session. The 2-metre power cord gives loads of slack. And now it’s fixed into the handle base, so it can’t accidentally come unplugged as you move around.

Super-safe skin tone sensorThe skin tone sensor does all the hard work for you. It checks your skin 80 times per second. If it’s too dark, it won’t flash.

If safe it selects the most powerful and safe intensity before every flash. So, you get a perfectly balanced pulse of IPL to keep your skin protected and get best results

. The blue skin tone sensor lights scan your skin and won’t flash if it’s too dark, shown by the red lightsIt’s ace if you’ve got varied tones across body parts.

No need to stop and check!The advanced technology keeps everything simple for you. Just plug it in and off you go.

Powerful & bespoke IPLThe power intensity of the Braun Pro 5 ranges from 3 to 6 J/cm2. It’s one of the most powerful home IPL devices. And the higher the intensity you can safely use, the better your hair reduction results.

It lights up white 1 to 10 to show which intensity is selected. If it smarts too much press the feather button to lessen the intensity in gentle and extra gentle mode. Unlike most home IPL machines which have 5 intensity levels, the Braun Pro 5 has 10.

So, there are more increments of power for the skin tone sensor to select for your skin tone. It promises a more precise match so you get your best results in the shortest time. And if it stings a bit on your bikini or underarms, press the feather button to reduce the intensity in gentle and extra gentle mode.

Precision attachmentSmall white precision attachment and large gold body attachmentThe previous model is difficult to position and flash on tricky areas around the jaw and the upper lip. So, Braun have added a smaller precision attachment. It’s easy to change – just pull off and slide in. 5 cm) so you can position it carefully around your nose and lips.

And small enough to activate on the curve of your jaw line too

. And other awkward areas like fingers and toes, and ankles. Lickety-split!Braun have supercharged the flash bulb and the Pro 5 is now twice as quick.

It can’t get any faster and still be under control!It flashes every 0. 2 seconds (quickest on the lower intensities).

So, keeping the flash button pressed in glide mode, I can do a full leg in around 9 minutes. And I did my full body in just under 30 minutes. It’s the fastest high-power home IPL there is.

It still takes concentration so you know which bits you’ve zapped. Actually, sometimes it was almost too fast! The flashes aren’t always equally timed.

Sometimes I’d not glide it far enough before it flashed. And other times I’d glide too far. So, it takes a bit of practise.

But I’d much rather that than tediously slow zapping. The beautiful packaging and quality storage pouch are the finishing touches on an almost perfect device. Braun give a 100-day money back guarantee (check with your local Braun for validity).

I love this reassurance to test it risk-free with plenty of time to see your smooth results. It’s a top choice for silky smooth skin for your face, small and large areas alike. Read the in-depth Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPL review or check prices and buy using the links below.

Where to buy the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 IPLFound this review helpful? Please support future reviews and shop via these links. Braun Pro 5 IPL PL5124 with precision head, razor & premium pouchBuy PL5124 from:CurrentBody. AuBraun Pro 5 IPL PL5014 with razor & pouch (no precision head)Buy PL5014 from:CurrentBody. ComBraun Pro 5 IPL PL5137 with precision head, razor & premium pouch Buy PL5137 from:AmazonShavershop.

AuTIP: The Braun silk expert Pro 5 IPL has knocked the older model off its perch. But if it’s a bargain you’re looking for you could pick up the older model for cheap. Check the prices of the Braun silk Expert 5 IPL – it’s still a fab choice. Smoothskin Muse IPLThe Muse is handsome. And strong – one of the most powerful home IPLs.

And clever too because it chooses perfectly balanced safety and power before every flash. Sexy, powerful & lasts forever | £250 to £399For full body, face and small areasFor light to dark skin & dark hairSpeedy & bespoke power, with plug-and-go simplicityClinically-proven, CE certification & FDA clearedMade in the UK90-day money back guaranteeThe Smoothskin Muse is something special. It’s the first high-power device with unlimited IPL flashes. So, you get 100s of full body treatments and decades of smooth skin results

. And it’s so safe and uncomplicated to use.

It’s standout beacuse it’s fast and very safe, but what I really love is it’s sexy, powerful & lasts forever. Safe skin tones:Safe for skin tones I to V, light to dark skinHair colours:Works on black to dark blonde, may work on light blonde. Striking designThe Muse is beautifully designed.

It’s stand-out firstly because of the glossy-black design with an eye-catching gold-speckled swoosh. Clean lines, elegant curves and minimal controls lend it an alluring sophistication.

The Smoothskin Muse makes home IPL hair removal sexy. The curves fit naturally in your hand and silicone side strips provide a secure and tactile grip.

The superior ergonomic design means it’s one of the most comfortable to hold and precise to manoeuvre. There’s a 2-metre power cable that doesn’t tangle. And a clear view of the flash window thanks to the thoughtful shape and angles.

All this means you get great and effortless coverage. Advanced skin tone sensorThe Muse’s power combines with clever sensor technology so you get unbeatable simplicity and safety too. The skin tone sensor detects your skin tone and sets the highest and safest intensity level for you.

It does this before EVERY flash. So, all you need do is point and zap. The small skin tone sensor windows at either side of the flash window check your skin tone before EVERY flash.

They choose the safest, most powerful of the 10 intensity levels It boasts 10 intensity levels

. That’s double most other home IPL devices. They range from 3 to 6 J/cm² in small increments.

So, each flash is the best possible intensity for your skin tone. Each flash is the perfect balance of safety and power giving your best possible results in the shortest time. There’s a gentle mode too, so if it smarts a bit on delicate areas like you underarms and bikini line, you can reduce the intensity.

It’s fastI love there’s no faff with the plug-and-go operation. And that it gets the job done fast too. It’s one of the fastest to cover your skin in flashes.

You can finish a full leg in around 8 to 10 minutes. That’s quick and so it’s a great choice for full body treatments and larger areas done in around 1 hour. It’s one of the easiest to fit into your day and complete the weekly sessions.

90-day money back guaranteeSmoothskin are confident you’ll love the Muse and to prove it it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. This is great peace of mind and reassurance that only a few brands offer. Smoothskin customer service is also excellent as is their support programme. Great resultsThe Muse and the earlier Gold model both deliver great hair reduction results. The start-up phase is a treatment once a week for up to 12 weeks.

Once you’re smooth switch to top-ups every 4 to 8 weeks. I saw a slowing in growth after just a few treatments and sparser, finer regrowth after a few more. Overtime, I needed less regular top-up treatments to maintain my hair-free results


I’m impressed with everything about the Muse. It looks fantastic, attractive for both men and women and the performance is top-notch. It’s a top choice and I recommend it highly.

Premium choiceThe Muse is an excellent choice because it’s powerful yet safe and almost effortless to use. The packaging is beautiful, the messaging and manual clear and friendly. The quick sessions are much more manageable compared to other IPL and laser choices.

And with unlimited IPL flashes it promises decades of smooth skin results. It’s one of the best for smooth hair-free results on your full body and smaller areas alike.

Read the full in-depth Smoothskin Muse review or check prices and buy below. Where to buy the Smoothskin MuseFound this review helpful? Please shop via my links to support WeAreBodyBeautiful.

Smoothskin Muse IPL for body & face Buy from Currentbody: UK & Global shipping, 90 day money back guarantee. Buy from Amazon: UK shipping, 90 day money back guarantee. Check for any applicable taxes or customs duties for outside UK delivery. Silkn Infinity 400,000Compact model with galvanic energy IPL so it’s fast and safe for dark & black skin too. Safe for dark & black skin too | £140 to £220Safe on ALL tones, including dark & black skinFor full body, face and small areasClever IPL Galvanic energies increases effectFast treatment timesClinically-proven, CE certificationFDA cleared (Types I to V only)It’s been a long wait for an affordable home IPL that’s safe for ALL skin tones.

But finally, the Silk’n Infinity is here. The UK and European models are safe for ALL skin tones, but without compromise on power.

IMPORTANT: Silk’n in the US and Canada don’t promote the Infinity for the darkest and black skin tones. That’s because it’s not FDA-cleared for Fitzpatrick type VI. It is FDA-cleared for light to dark skin tones (FitzPatrick types I to V).

UK & European models are safe for ALL skin tones. US & Canada FDA-clearance is for types I to V, but not the darkest skin. Works on black to dark blonde, may work on lighter hairN. Silk’n say it’s suitable for nearly all hair colours too, but lighter hair colours only work in combination with lighter skin tones. It’s not clear if this is clinically proven.

Don’t let the compact, simple exterior of the Infinity fool you. It’s got a superb lamp lifetime, fast treatments and some clever tech inside. The Silk’n Infinity is available in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada with Global shipping from CurrentBody. Excellent value offers are common. There’s a lot to love about this small but mighty device.

Simple, curvy designThe Infinity’s design is lightweight (228g), compact and curvy. The elegant lines sit comfortably in your hand. It’s light-weight and easy to manoeuvre with mains-power operation so you can use it anytime.

The power cable fits snug in the base and it’s 180 cm long to the power plug. It feels good to hold with a secure, natural grip where the underside dips in at the widest part of the device. There’s a large flash button on the top.

It’s simple and no-frills, so don’t expect multiple flash windows or a fancy ergonomic shape. But don’t underestimate it either. Because there’s some clever tech inside.

Plus, features usually only found on premium models. Lamp-lifetime is one of the bestThe lamp-lifetime of flashes is one of the best. The 400,000 flashes cover a total body area of 1,080,000 cm2.

In other words, it boasts 15 years of monthly full body treatments. It may as well say ‘endless flashes’ because you’re never going to run out. And unlike other brands, Silk’n encourage you to share it.

One model even comes with a hygienic cleansing stand so it’s safe to share with friends and family. Clever, dual energiesUnlike most other brands the Infinity uses a combination of 2 energies. These work together to increase the hair removal effect of IPL.

Place the flash window with silver ‘touch electrode’ around it on your skin, press the flash button with your fingers / thumb on the large silver ‘base electrode’ plate. It sends both IPL and galvanic current into your skin. The IPL combines with galvanic current.

Galvanic current works to open your pores, so exposing more of your hair to the IPL. It’s more efficient at reaching and stunting the hair follicle for faster results. This clever approach also increases the effect of lower intensity IPL, which you can use on the darkest and black skin tones.

However, it’s a bit confusing because Silk’n only promote this in the UK and European. UK & Europe: The Silk’n Infinity is safe for all skin tones. Levels 1 and 2 are safe for darker tones.

Read the in-depth review for details of the clinical test. Level 1 is safe on sun tanned skin too. US & Canada: the Infinity is FDA cleared for FitzPatrick types I to V, so not for the darkest and black skin tones.

Don’t use it on suntanned skin. Adaptive IPLThe Infinity has a range of 5 intensity levels. The low intensity levels 1 and 2 are gentle (as low as 3 J / cm2) and safe for dark and black skin tones.

The higher intensity levels have a more powerful IPL (up to 4 J/cm2), they’re designed for lighter skin tones to give you your fastest results. Clever skin tone sensorSo, with this range, it’s important to choose the right IPL intensity for your skin tone. And the Infinity has that covered too.

The skin tone sensor is the smaller window below the flash window (right). Press the power button to scroll through the intensity levels (left). The clever skin tone sensor checks your skin tone and activates only the safe intensity levels, so it protects darker skin tones too.

If your skin tone is dark or black you can use it on intensity levels 1 and 2. As you press the flash button it checks your skin tone but won’t flash if the intensity level is too high for your skin tone. Instead the blue indicator light (between the green 1 and 5 indicators above) rapidly flashes blue.

Lower the intensity level and the Infinity will flash on the levels safe for your skin tone. It’s fast!The Infinity flashes every 1 to 2 seconds

. It’s fastest on the lower intensity levels.

You can treat a full leg from around 10 mins. That’s the same as other premium models. It’s a super choice for full body treatments and large areas done in one session.

With handy hard storage caseIt’s the little things that make the difference. And the Infinity comes with a sturdy, shimmery-silver, nicely finished storage case. A small thing that gets a lot of mentions in the user reviews because it keeps everything together and then easily stored in a draw.

Everything fits safe and snug in the protective case with beautiful Silk’n detailing. Unbeaten for the moneyThe Infinity has a lot of positive feedback from very satisfied users. And I’m surprised there’s not even more given it’s so affordable.

The only improvement would be a UK money back guarantee. But even without that, I think it’s worth every penny. Read the full Silk’n Infinity review here or check prices and buy below.

Where to buy the Silk’n InfinityFound this review helpful? Please shop via my links to support WeAreBodyBeautiful. Silk'n Infinity, IPL & Galvanic energies: for body and face on ALL skin tones CurrentBody.

Com: 2 year warranty, Free UK delivery and Global shippingBuy Silk'n Infinity 400,000Silk'n Infinity with cleansing boxSilkn infinity 400,000 with free ladyshaveSilk'n Infinity Premium 500,000AmazonSilk'n Infinity 400,000Silkn. Com: US orders, Free shipping, 60-day money back guaranteeSilk'n Infinity (for light to dark skin (FitzPatrick types I to V)Check for any applicable taxes or customs duties for outside UK delivery.

Smoothskin BareUltra-fast, plug-and-go IPL | £150 to £190For light to dark skin & dark hairSuits full body, face & small areasUltrafast – full leg in 4 mins!Plug-and-go simplicityClinically proven, CE certification & FDA-clearedMade in the UK90 day money back guaranteeAvailable in Black, black & white, turquoise, raspberry, nude

. Do you want stubble-free pits and pins but but think home IPL is too boring and tedious? Can’t fit it into your busy days, or just too lazy to keep up with it? Think it takes an age to treat your full body? Think again. The Smoothskin Bare is my best ultrafast home IPL hair removal choice.

It’s a fab choice for light to dark skin tones, but especially medium to dark. Safe for skin tones I to V, light to dark skinWorks on black to dark blonde hairThe Bare is available in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and ships Globally from various sellers. It sells for under £200 / $299 USD and around $399 AUD.

Don’t be fooledDon’t be fooled by the simple, compact design of the Smoothskin Bare. The curvy shape is light (185g) and fits perfectly in your hand. The quality build has no controls other than the flash activation button on the side. This curvy beaut fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It’s feather-weight and is effortless to glide and position.

And don’t dismiss the affordable price tag. The new Smoothskin Bare changes everything. Ultrafast, like no otherThe Smoothskin Bare is truly unique for 2 very good reasons.

First, it comes with unlimited flashes so you’ll never run out. A full leg takes from just 4 minutes!That’s possible because it flashes IPL at one low intensity level (3 J/cm²). 6 seconds to recharge between flashes. It really does glide smoothly over your skin because the flashes come at just the right time (unlike other devices where you ‘slide and stop, slide and stop’).

And the low intensity level is gentle too, so it’s safe for darker skin tones (Fitzpatrick types I to V). If you have darker skin you’ll only use the lower intensity levels, so consider the lower-cost Bare over more expensive devices with a low to high intensity range. Simplicity itselfNo dials, no charts, it’s so simple to use.

There’s just the single flash button.

The box and packaging is gorgeous and Smoothskin do a great job of explaining everything. Easy to commitThose who have failed with IPL in the past because it’s too boring and tedious can commit and continue with the quick and regular treatments.

Those with a hectic schedule can find the spare minutes to squeeze it in. And busy mums can finish their whole treatment in one go without interruption.  The Smoothskin Bare makes it easier to commit to regular, fast treatments that keeps your stubble away!Game-changerThe online reviews love it rating it 4 stars.

Several think it’s a game-changer in home hair removal. It easily wins my recommended Best Buy for ultrafast treatments, and at a lower budget price too.

Read the full Smoothskin Bare review here or check prices and buy belowWhere to buy the Smoothskin BareFound this review helpful? Please shop via my links to support WeAreBodyBeautiful. Smoothskin Bare, for body & face Buy from CurrentBody.

Com: UK & Global shipping, 90 day money back guarantee. Buy from Amazon: UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Global ordersBuy from Boots

. Com: UK & International ordersBuy from Shavershop. Au: Australia Orders, with 90 day money back guarantee.

Panasonic ES-Wh90 IPL hair removal & skin rejuvenationRemoves facial hair & rejuvenates skinBest for face | Around £150For light to dark skin & dark hairLarge, small areas & especially facial useCordless convenience for facial hair removalFacial skin rejuvenation tool for healthy radianceClinically-proven, CE CertificationTeam Panasonic didn’t spend too much marketing budget on the Panasonic ES-WH90. They didn’t give it a sexy name, and the packaging is plain dull. But they did get the device design and function spot on.

It’s a fantastic choice for full body, small areas and facial hair removal. And I highly recommend it for facial use because the design matches those needs perfectly. And the lower price is right because you don’t really want to spend a fortune for such a small body area.

The cordless, ergonomic shape and flash operation combine for perfect facial use. It’s a solid, quality bit of kit from a great brand for under £200. Safe for skin tones I to IV, light to medium skinWorks on black to dark blonde hairThe Panasonic ES-WH90 is available in the UK and Europe.

Fantastic offers off the RRP are common. Here’s why it’s my best home laser hair removal for face. Perfect shapeAt first glance it doesn’t look like anything special.

There’s no fancy detailing, interesting shape or retro styling. But hold it in your hand and you’ll appreciate its form. The long wand-like shape has subtle curves to fit comfortably in your hands.

The gentle yet secure grip means it’s easy to move and position around your face. And the angled head affords a precise view of the flash-end as you look in the mirror. The 360 g device has no cord so you can use it in the privacy of the bathroom.

The raised lip on the facial attachment (pictured) is unique and precise to position. The facial attachment tapers-in and shapes around the flash window. There’s a raised lip too, so you can see exactly where you’re placing it – it’s perfect for your upper lip.

It takes 3 hours to fully charge and you get 600 flashes from it. Care for the battery by charging it every few months when not in regular use. Comfortable and intuitiveThere’s just 2 buttons to control it.

One to power it on and the other to select your intensity level. There are 5 intensity levels to choose from. I never accidentally pressed the buttons during my treatment.

Solid build quality and ergonomic designThere’s no flash button either. I like this because there’s no strain on your hand. Instead, the attachments have a switch mechanism in the attachment heads that controls the flashes.

The heads press-in and spring back up again. Press it against your skin for a flash and lift it to stop. It’s intuitive and very simple to work.

The flashes come continuously as you move the device and keep the head pressed against your skin. An in-built safety mechanism stops after 10 flashes. Simply lift from the skin and press down to start another set.

No skin tone sensorThe Panasonic ES-WH90 doesn’t have a skin tone sensor. It’s safe for light to dark tones (all but the darkest) so you must work out which intensity is best for your skin. For darker skin tones, this means some uncertainty and is a bit of a faff.

So, check out my machine recommendation for all skin tones above. But if you have lighter skin tones most of the levels will be safe for you anyway. Years and years of useThe lamp lifetime is long.

The intensity level determines how many flashes you get. The higher levels mean less flashes. But even then, you get up to 100,000 flashes. 4 cm2 large body attachment that’s enough for 540,000 cm2 body area. That equals 135 full body treatments giving over 10 years of monthly use. 4 cm2 body attachment is perfect on legs, bikini line and underarms despite the size because the flash mechanism makes it easy to get contact and flash. It’s fantastic for all types of treatments. 4 cm2 facial attachment too, you’ll get years of long-lasting smoothness. And skin rejuvenation treatments for a glowing complexion.

IPL for skin rejuvenationFor facial rejuvenation it’s easy to fit in every 3 days after cleansing, before moisturising and heading off go to bed. Intense Pulsed Light is not only for removing unwanted hair

. It’s also used in beauty clinics to rejuvenate skin.

The IPL reaches into your skin targeting dark spots and pigmentation. It also triggers collagen production. With continued use, this makes your skin brighter and evens out discolouration for a more even tone.

Your skin appears suppler and glows. Learn more about this in the full review. It takes between 5 to 10 mins to cover your face and neck (avoiding your eyes and lips) using the facial attachment.

Use it every 3 days for 2 months to notice the rejuvenation effects. I love this added benefit from the Panasonic for not only smooth skin, but an added glow too. It’s deserving of my best buy award for facial use and glowing skin!Read the full Panasonic ES-WH90 review here or check prices and buy below.

Related: Do I have to shave my face?Where to buy the Panasonic ES-WH90Found this review helpful? Please shop via my links to support WeAreBodyBeautiful. Panasonic ES-WH90 for body & face, with facial attachmentBuy from AmazonBuy from Boots.

ComCheck for any applicable taxes or customs duties for outside UK delivery. Philips Lumea AdvancedIntuitive comfort for underarms, bikini line, faceBest for smaller body areas |£200 to £300For light skin and dark hairSuited to face & small areasBeautiful gun-shapeSpecialist flash windows for small areasClinically proven, CE Certification100 day money back guaranteeAvailable models: BRI923, BRI922, BRI921, Sc1997 and SC1999The Lumea Advanced looks and feels expensive, but it’s surprisingly affordable.

I recommend this for hair-free results on smaller body areas like face, arms, underarms and bikini line. Safe skin tones:Safe for skin tones I to IV, light to medium skinHair colours:Works on black to dark blonde hairTrue, Philips reserve all the premium features for the Lumea Prestige range. But don’t overlook the Lumea Advanced.

It’s more affordable but with that exceptional Philips build quality – way better than similar priced alternatives. Love the gun-shaped designThe comfortable, ergonomic gun-shape is very easy to manoeuvre with your finger or thumb resting naturally on the trigger. I love the gun-shape of the Lumea Advanced.

It’s light-weight at about 370 g yet not flimsy at all. It feels natural to hold and very easy to manoeuvre. The robust, well-balanced ergonomic design stands apart from alternatives at the same price.

And the lamp is one of the best giving 15 years’ worth of full body treatments. It’s a reassuring investment. The 192 cm long cord stays out of the way and gives plenty of slack.

It’s easy to precisely position and see the controls on top. Skin tone sensorThe Lumea Advanced has a basic skin tone sensor. It’s the small window below the flash window.

It checks your skin at the start and periodically throughout. It flashes on fair to medium skin tones (Fitzpatrick I to IV). So, it won’t flash on darker skin.

The maximum intensity is 5 J/cm2. Press the power button to scroll the 5 intensity levels. Position on your skin and if your skin is too dark the ‘ready’ light on the back shows red, or white if it’s safe.

It’s straightforward, particularly if you’re fair-toned across most body areas. I just select the most comfortable of the 5 intensity levels (5 for me) and off I go. Specialist flash windows for best resultsThe Lumea Advanced specialist flash windows are a thoughtful addition


All models come with a large 4 cm2 body flash window. You also get a 2 cm2 precision or facial window for better and easier coverage on your face, upper lip and trickier areas. And with the SC1999 and BRI923 there’s a 2 cm2 bikini area window too.

This has an extra filter that targets the stubborn bikini line hair so it’s more comfortable to use at your highest, safe-setting. The other attachments still work, but it’s a clever, gentler bonus with less sting. Great for smaller areasThe flash rate is just above average.

At the highest power level it flashes every 3. Coupled with the large flash window you can cover a full leg in 15 minutes. Try splitting them across days into 30-minute sessions so it’s not too tedious. Or choose a faster device, like the Lumea Prestige, if you want to treat your full body in one sitting.

All the Lumea Advanced models have a large 4 cm2 body flash window. They’re better suited to smaller areas. The small 2 cm2 facial and bikini attachments do a great job.

Good-looking & great resultsPhilips say you need 4 to 5 treatments every other week to see noticeable results. This is what the 4 star online feedback says too.

The 100-day money back guarantee from Philips is a reassuring touch. But I think it’s unlikely you’ll need it. And finally, it’s pretty with a retro feel too.

The two-tone white and dusk-gold colour way is feminine and there’s a cute flower-like pattern made by the air vents on top. I recommend the Lumea Advanced for treating smaller body areas like forearms, underarms and bikini line and for fair skin and dark hair. You can often find it on offer at around £200 too.

Read the full tried-and-tested Lumea Advanced review here, or check prices and buy below. Where to buy the Philips Lumea AdvancedFound this review helpful? Please shop via my links to support WeAreBodyBeautiful.

Philips Lumea Advanced for face & body **All with Philips Lumea 100 day money back guarantee** BRI923, for body & face (3 attachments) with Satin Compact Pen TrimmerBuy from CurrentBody. Com: UK & Global shipping optionsBuy from Amazon BRI921, for body & face (2 attachments) with Satin Compact Pen TrimmerBuy from Amazon BRI922, for body & face (2 attachments) with VisaPure Mini Facial Cleansing BrushBuy from Amazon SC1999, for body & face (3 attachments face, body and bikini)Buy from CurrentBody. Com: UK & Global shippingBuy from AmazonBuy from Shavershop. Au: Australia orders SC1997, for body & face (2 attachments precision and body)Buy from CurrentBody. Com: UK & Global shippingBuy from AmazonCheck for any applicable taxes or customs duties for outside UK delivery.

You could consider…Whilst their features and specification aren’t as good, you could consider these if their priced lower than the best alternatives above. Remington iLight UltraThe iLight Ultra is the best of the Remington range available in the USA. It’s more cost effective than the refill models over the long term, to gain and maintain your hair-free results.

Decent for face & smaller body areas | $350 to $469. 99 | Buy from AmazonThe iLight Ultra is available in the US and Canada. It’s a decent choice from a trusted brand with strong online feedback.

The model design has been around for quite a while

. But it’s still easy and comfortable to use. You can treat your body and face (women only from the cheeks down).

Safe for light skin tones only & effective on dark hairYou get a 3 cm2 body attachment and a 2 cm2 face / precision attachment. It flashes every 3 seconds so you get around 20 flashes per minute covering 60 cm2 of your skin. This is below average and slow.

So, it’s best suited to treating smaller area like your face, bikini line and underarms because they don’t take so long with fewer flashes. The lamp lifetime is decent, especially for smaller areas.

With the 3 cm2 body flash window it’ll cover a total body area of 195,000 cm² for up to 3 years of full body treatments. That’s enough to get and maintain your smooth results for years. And the ones to skip…Most of the machines in this group are simply old models overtaken by newer and better ones.

But they crop up in other lists, so I think it’s worth understanding where you can better spend your hard-earned cash. First, up the Remington iLight models – Remington iLight Pro & Pro Plus Quartz. Remington iLight range old modelsThese models are predominantly available in the US & Canada.

They all have the same design but with different colours. The models are easy to use, reliable and they work. They’ve a lot of positive and recent ratings too.

So, what’s up with them? Firstly, all these models take ages to cover your skin in flashes. Their speed is ok for smaller areas where you need relatively few flashes. But slooooow, tedious and tiring on large areas like legs


Secondly, they’re safe for light skin tones only (Fitzpatrick types I to IV). There’s a skin tone sensor but it’s in the base unit so you have to power-on, pick it up, position on your treatment area and scan. It’ll unlock for flashes the skin tone is in the safe range.

Other more advanced devices check your tone frequently or before every flash from the flash window. And finally, and most importantly, each model comes with a different number of IPL flashes. The value from the lamps varies from rubbish to not so good.

In combination with the speed, this makes them devices you should skip in favour of a better machine (like those in the Best Buys above). Here’s a quick review of the lamp lifetime value for each. Remington iLight Pro lamp lifetimeDon’t buy | $300 to $500I’m annoyed this is often the number 1 home-use machine in other lists.

That’s because they just link to Amazon products. ILight Pro is safe for body treatments only. It’s is an old model and works with refill cartridges.

At the time of writing it comes with 4. You get only a measly 1,500 flashes per cartridge. With the 2 cm2 flash window that equals a treatment area of just 1,200 cm² from each refill.

Using standardised calculations across devices it’ll give almost enough for one full body session (full legs, underarms, forearms and extended bikini line). Therefore, you’ll need to buy a lot of them. A replacement cartridge costs around $15.

So, you’ve got the cost of the machine and then several refills on top. It costs way more than other choices that give much better lamp lifetime value straight out of the box. Remington iLight Pro Plus QuartzDon’t buy | $300 to $500This is better, but still poor value. The Quartz is safe for body and face and is a step up from the Pro.

It gives 30,000 flashes so with the 2 cm2 flash window you can cover a total body area of 60,000 cm². That’s enough for around 15 full body sessions to last almost 1 year. For this reason, it’s an ok (but underwhelming) choice for smaller body areas like face, bikini, underarms because you’ll use less of the flashes per session. Remington sell replacement 30,000 flash cartridges at around $100. Add this to your total cost if you want to treat your full body because you’ll need a few.

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